Hello, young adventurer. What brings you to the Museum's paleontology floor?640
Well done, sibling. I knew you'd manage to get a 'not guilty' verdict, but to lure this cretin here as well...437
What can I say, I'm impressed.416
And? Make this quick, I have better things to do than be interrogated by halfwits all day.400
Most definitely. Have someone go and fetch her.384
Any fossils you find can be added to the surrounding display cases.363
If you manage to complete display case, the Museum will ensure you are rewarded for your efforts.355
Also, if you find any rare fossils on your travels, make sure you hold onto them. Something tells me they will be very valuable in the future...344
Do you have any other questions?344
Feisty one, isn't he? Easily duped as well. You didn't actually believe my sibling would help you, did you?339
There was a nest of spiders upstairs between the two servants' quarters. Obviously I had to kill them before our pathetic servants whined at my father some more.242
Honestly, it's like they expect to be treated like royalty! If I had my way I would fire the whole workshy lot of them!211
Feisty one, isn't she? Easily duped as well. You didn't actually believe my sibling would help you, did you?149
About these eggs... Odd colour, don't cha think?145
Of course. Which display would you like to ask about?139
Hmm, well, good effort, but I'll pass on the grub this time.114
I'm not sure that'll change my mind.108
For the love of Saradomin, please leave me be.101
Alright! Fine! I concede.97
Build us a stove mate, I'm absolutely starvin'!96
Yeah, I guess they're nice.95
Ah, brilliant question. Fossils of creatures are found in sedimentary rock, we use specialised tools to carefully remove the unwanted rock only leaving only the fossil behind.86
It's an interesting specimen isn't it? It appears that the specimen is thousands of years old!69
Is there anything else you need help with?68
Well that's what the analysis from the fossil shows.66
If you're looking for fossils yourself, there are new types of fossil to discover on an island others are calling 'fossil island'.62
Um... yes. It's an interesting specimen isn't it?62
What did you ask about again?59
Um... yes, but I couldn't possibly share that information right now.58
...So my expertise were not required this time, a man's still gotta eat.53
It looks like the Museum doesn't have any complete fossil displays yet. I could only speculate on what they will contain.51
I don't really know or care. Frankly, the old man deserved to die.50
Cheers mate!48
There was a suspicious red headed man who came to the house the other day selling poison now I think about it. Last I saw he was headed towards the tavern in the Seers village.46
That is none of your business. Are we finished now, or are you just going to stand there irritating me with your idiotic questions all day?42
I'm glad you asked! Paleontology is the study of prehistoric lifeforms in Gielinor through the examination of fossils.38
What else would you like to know?31
We use fossils to try determine several things: information about what fossil belonged to, what the environment was like, and try to uncover secrets of Gielinor's past.29
It's some Green thread, like my trousers are made of. Are you finished? I'm not sure which I dislike more about you, your face or your general bad odour28
Hello there, the lead navigator should be able to answer any questions you've got.22
Hello. You should talk to the lead navigator.18
Hi, afraid I've got no time for talking right now. The lead navigator might be able to help you out.16
Apparently you aren't as stupid as you look.16
No. Can I go yet? Your face irritates me.14
Sorry, I'm too busy to talk right now. Maybe the lead navigator can help you out.12
You should speak to the Curator as he knows more about it than I.9
If you're looking for fossils yourself, I hear there is a voyage to a mysterious island to discover new types of fossil.7