Hello, no-fur. What are you doing in my mistress's garden?86
If it's sq'irks you're after then you've come to the right place. We've got four seasons' worth of them.41
I'd be happy to help a friend of the feline.41
The Sphinx gave you that amulet, so she must hold you in high regard.41
He and the Sphinx are as thick as thieves, but regardless, I think you've a bit of a cat feel about you.39
Now what are these questions?38
A noble and rewarding past-time.33
Every time I play with spiders in the Sorceress's house, her silly apprentice completely freaks out and teleports me here!21
No, silly! I drink from the fountain whenever I want to leave.20
Oh, you mean the gardeners?19
Yes, the gardeners. Don't let them see you or they'll teleport you out here. They're very protective of their crops.19
Del-Monty the cat, at your service.16
No; as I said, I'm Del-Monty the cat, connoisseur of exotic fruits.16
But of course! Their juice is an excellent source of energy for runners, and in the riper varieties they are known to heighten one's Thieving abilities.16
I get in through gaps in the hedge. You are a little too big to squeeze through. I think you'll have to use the gates.15
I think the gates are locked, so you'll have to have good Thieving skills to get in.15
I get this strange urge for sq'irks. It's quite peculiar. I think I may be addicted.15
Don't tell me. Osman, right?15
Oh, he used to come here all the time. Then one day, he just stopped.15
How did you get here?13
Exactly. The Sorceress likes to have a good supply of in-season sq'irks and herbs at all times.13
Take a drink from the fountain.8
Yawn! Nice talking to you then, no-fur.1