Welcome back friend!1,281
I'm afraid I have bad news. We made our attack as planned, but we met unexpected resistance.1,210
We were ambushed by trolls coming from the north. They captured Dunstan's son, Godric, who we enlisted at your request; we tried to follow but we were repelled at the foot of their stronghold.1,209
The way to the stronghold is treacherous, friend. Even if you manage to climb your way up, there will be many trolls defending the stronghold.1,135
God speed friend! I would send some of my men with you, but none of them are brave enough to follow.1,121
I don't know if you can help us!1,057
If there is another way I do not know of it.1,056
Hello citizen, how can I help?1,054
Citizen you would be well rewarded!1,031
Hello citizen, have you found the secret way up Death Plateau?1,030
One other thing.1,029
Hello citizen, have you found another way up Death Plateau?1,026
We are saved!1,026
And what is that citizen?1,025
All of our equipment is kept in the castle on the hill.1,024
The equipment room is unlocked when the stone balls are placed in the correct order on the stone mechanism outside it. The right order is written on a piece of paper the guard had.1,022
Hmm...this is very irregular.1,022
I have heard of Dunstan's son, he is a very promising young man. For the sake of your mission we can make an exception!1,022
Well citizen, the Prince is fond of puzzles. Why we couldn't just have a key is beyond me!1,020
This certificate proves that we have accepted Dunstan's son for training in the Imperial Guard!1,019
Well done citizen! We will reward you by training you in attack!1,011
Excellent, this looks perfect. They will never see us coming.1,010
The trolls have taken up camp on Death Plateau! They are using it to launch raids at night on the village. We have tried to attack the camp but the main path is heavily guarded!793
Have you managed to open the equipment room?781
If you go up to Death Plateau be very careful as the trolls will attack you on sight!773
Do you know of such a path?761
The stupid guard that was on duty last night lost the combination to the lock! I told the Prince that the Imperial Guard should've been in charge of security!741
I shall present you with some steel fighting claws. In addition I shall show you the knowledge of creating the fighting claws for yourself.715
You are now an honorary member of the Imperial Guard!712
As much as I hate to agree with a White Knight, he's right. We need to work together if we are going to survive.558
With all due respect, how can we be sure that this is the work of a dragonkin? I trust %USERNAME% as much as anyone but what if there was a mistake?555
Oh, what great news! You should hurry to tell Dunstan, he will be overjoyed!370
Hello citizen, is there anything you'd like to know?187
Is there anything else you would like to know?106
You offered to see if you could find another way up Death Plateau. We could then use it to sneak up and attack the trolls by night.101
That's right citizen, you offered to recover the combination and unlock the door.100
Hello citzen, I have the map of the secret way you gave me earlier.85
You are right citizen. The White Knights have taken advantage of the old and weak king, they control most of Asgarnia, including Falador. However they do not control Burthorpe!76
We are the prince's elite troops! We keep Burthorpe secure!65
The White Knights have overlooked us, until now! They are pouring money into their war against the Black Knights, they are looking for an excuse to stop our funding and I'm afraid they may have found it!60
Good work citizen!59
If we can not destroy the troll camp on Death Plateau then the Imperial Guard will be disbanded and Burthorpe will come under control of the White Knights. We can not let this happen!56
He's right, this is the only option.30
God speed friend!29
How are you getting on with rescuing Godric?29
God speed citizen.29
Welcome to the Principality of Burthorpe!24
We are the Imperial Guard for his Royal Highness Prince Anlaf of Burthorpe.19
We are busy preparing for an attack by night. Godric knows of a secret entrance to the stronghold. Once we destroy the stronghold Burthorpe will be safe! Friend, we are indebted to you!18
Then hurry, friend! What are you still doing here?18
Can I assist you with anything else?16
Never mind citizen.14
Hurry, friend! Who knows what they'll do with Godric?10
No problem, I have a duplicate.5
Hurry, friend! Find a way to free Godric!5