Nothing's worse than a troll.239
I'm Derni.234
Pleased to meet you, %USERNAME%!228
No, you rock brain! Humans are our friends!199
Fire away!166
Or were you just stopping by for a chat?57
Come back any time!50
Oh no, we can't do that.45
That must have been a huge task.36
Dondakan's been there for...34
And they don't breathe air.34
But look at what it got him.33
We can all take an example to his hard work and dedication.33
How long would you say he's been there, Miotvednir?32
Oh, they're these small wriggly things that live in the water.32
Sparkling jewel of the mountain!32
Always keep busy, is what our good father used to say.31
But because the river goes right to the city, this is just as easy.29
Isn't it obvious?27
That's what he said, isn't? Pay more attention!26
Of course, really! %USERNAME% wouldn't have said it otherwise, would he?26
But this water here, you see, it comes dripping down from above.24
That must be why you were talking about fish then...22
Anyway, this calls for a celebration.20
He doesn't know!20
What kind of question is that to ask? With his great might of course!19
It was knocked down, remember? Parts of it nearly landed on our heads!19
Don't tell him that! None of his business!19
Pay attention for once, Dernu! It's Dondakan's rock!17
That's fantastic!16
Now don't you go and discuss company business in front of this human, Dernu.14
Right... and I'm sure traffic here will pick up soon with that rock broken.13
She doesn't know!13
Must have been pretty forgettable as well then.13
Of course, really! %USERNAME% wouldn't have said it otherwise, would she?12
Oh, they all have their headquarters in the city.12
We live for tales!10
Don't tell her that! None of her business!9
That's what she said, isn't? Pay more attention!8
Would love to hear it.8
%USERNAME% wants to tell a tale!8
It was pretty forgettable.6
No need to give him directions.6
That's terrible!4
No need to give her directions.3
Especially you, Dernu.3
That sounds a bit daft.3
Old Dondakan might have finally lost it.3
Right, and gold.3
My, you're certainly moving up in the dwarven world, aren't you?2
What kind of question is that to ask? With her great might of course!2
We love items.1
Oh, not that story again.1
Oh, stop winding up the human, Dernu!1
An adamantite tool?1
What good would that do?1
Don't you think that's the first thing they tried?1