A human? Can we eat it?227
Not like the trolls. We hate trolls.185
I'm Dernu.181
Except discovering that your pickaxe's gone blunt just as you-179
I say, we don't get to see a hummon down here very often!172
We're very good at answering questions!170
What are fish?91
Are you lost down here?63
Glad to be of service!48
What, really?46
Speaking of, shouldn't we get back to work ourselves?36
Oh yes, he was out there for quite a while.35
Nothing's too difficult for old Blasidar.35
That big unbreakable rock?33
It's unbreakable, you see.33
The grand city of the dwarves!33
Besides, there's been some weird going ons in the city.33
That's some dedication!31
You have to keep busy, you see.31
Nothing, that's what.30
For mining of course!29
Oh yes, they only just cleaned up the mess from the last little incident.27
He doesn't know?24
Oh yes, what's the problem then?23
Since the mine carts don't come here.23
What rock was that again?17
Anything else you wanted, %USERNAME%?17
The company is going to be rich!14
She doesn't know?13
Or vast magical skills!12
Oh yes, we should go down into Keldagrim to celebrate.12
Like, there was this one time when I lost my spanner in the mines...9
We love tales!8
As long as it's better than my spanner story.8
First floor of the palace.7
But my spanner... it's a very interesting tale you know.6
How awful!4
You're going to talk to the Consortium?3
I think you're going to hurt your head.3
And gold.3
We are but simple dwarves.2
Items eh?1
I got this puzzle box once, you know.1
Well, forget about it then. I'll shut up if you don't want to hear about it.1
Oh yes, I know Rolad!1
No idea, why?1
What about a bronze pickaxe?1
Well, you never know...1
Hey, it was just a suggestion!1