Aye, indeed I am.860
You're right, I did not come here by choice. I came here for vengeance.806
My mission is not against another man and I will not have it mocked.774
Callisto, the great bear of the wilderness.749
Callisto killed my father. After hearing of a great beast in the heart of the Wilderness, he took it upon himself to bring him down.658
He left our family home in Hosidius to hunt it down and...609
Oh... uh... I never thought about that...608
... I haven't seen my father since. I swore I would avenge him and have dedicated my whole life to training for that moment.593
My whole life has been spent preparing to avenge my father, I never thought about anything else...561
I'm not surprised, you'd do well to avoid him. Callisto is a great bear, his strength and size enhanced by the corruption of the Wilderness.466
Then you'll know he's not something to mock. I'm surprised you survived your encounter with such a great and corrupted beast.232