Good. Maybe you're not as useless as you look.1,730
Yes. Just don't tell anyone I let you in.1,729
Have you sorted my slaves out?1,726
Well you can't.1,549
Because nobody can go in the Arboretum.1,545
Who are you?1,543
Clearly. Well %VAMPYRE_NAME%, you're wrong. No one can go in the Arboretum, by order of the Drakan family themselves.1,541
No, but I have a job to do.1,541
Some slaves. You heard of Gadderanks? He was some human that Vanstrom used to help collect blood tithes.1,540
I have no need for your money.1,539
Eugh, fine! There's something I need doing. Get it done for me and I'll grant you access.1,539
There's a juvinate who was meant to deliver something to me. He hasn't shown up. Find him and tell him that Desmodus Lasiurus is getting impatient.1,539
You got a problem?1,539
Good. Mordan Nikazsi is the juvinate you're looking for. He'll be somewhere in the lowest tier of the city. Now, get lost!1,537
What are you doing?1,370
Why do you want to go in, anyway?1,072
Well, he went and got himself killed by the Myreque. Vanstrom owed me a favour so he agreed to let me have his wife and child.1,034
What do you want?199
Did you find Mordan Nikazsi?47
Yes. Now leave me alone.39
Human! Get back to the slave pens before I call the guards!27
Why are you here then? He'll be somewhere in the lowest tier of the city. Go find him!26
That filthy wretch! I'll have him killed for this! Go find my slaves and bring them to me!10