Right here is where you'll find them. What business do you have with the Saviours.1,198
Join the gang? Do you think this is a game?1,198
Since our formation, many of the other gangs in Kourend have joined our cause. However, some still choose to resist.1,198
Let me finish!1,197
Good. You'll find Conrad King south of the Piscarilius Foodhall. News travels fast around here so we'll know when the deed is done.1,192
Word on the streets is that Conrad King has met his maker. The Queen is impressed, you should head on in and speak to her.1,175
Our leader has had enough of the Vipers and wants to make an example of them.853
Our largest rivals are the Vipers and our leader...849
We don't just let anyone join our gang. If you want in, you'll need to prove your worth.847
Is this going to be a problem?818
We'd like you to kill Conrad King, one of their senior members. That should show them that the games are over.812
We need to send a message to the Vipers to let them know that their days are done.810
Yes! Now get out of my sight!346
Hey! I didn't give you permission to go in there.74
Conrad King is still alive so I don't know what you're doing here. Go get the job done. He can be found south of the Piscarilius Foodhall.18