Sorry, but this is NOT a good morning!34
I'm going to lose my job!29
Nothing! But the Piscatoris Fishing Colony is going to go out of business, and I'll have to go back to the east.28
If you want to help, you can get Kathy to take you up to the Colony. Herman's looking for someone to run an important errand for him.28
Hello! What can I do for you?15
Well, it's been fairly quiet around here, but there's always repair work to keep us busy.6
Oh yes, lots of them. Their population's been swelling ever since you wiped out the trolls in the area. They've hardly got any natural predators now.6
Yes, the salt does terrible things to the hinges. I've been meaning to deal with them, but I never seem to get around to it.5
Franklin's got me fixing this wall. You did a pretty good patch-job, but it could do with some work.2
Yes, that's right. I'll probably get Arnold to order some fancy protective paint from the dwarves.2
Yes. If someone doesn't do something about the trolls soon, it'll go out of business and I'll have to move back to the east.2
... 2