I give permission... blah de blah... etc. Okay, that's all in order; you may use the mineshaft now. I'll hang onto this scroll, shall I?1,037
Hey! That's fragile! Stop poking it around with that trowel!302
Sorry; this area is private. The only way you'll get to use these is by impressing the archaeological expert up at the centre.211
Oi! What are you doing?188
Good day; what can I do for you?185
Find something worthwhile and he might let you use the winches. Until then, get lost!184
Oi! What do you think you're doing? There's fragile specimens around here!159
You can only use a site you have the appropriate exam level for.157
Sorry, you must use a rock pick to dig at a level 2 site.154
'Ello. What can I do for you?154
Why hello there! What can I do you for?124
Oh you are, are you? Well where's your specimen jar?66
Well how can you handle the specimens without it? As you should know, specimens are to be kept in specimen jars to keep them safe and preserved. Next time bring it along!64
Oh yeah? And whose errand is that then? Where is your specimen jar?64
And you reckon you have been sent on an errand - without a specimen jar? Sorry, I can't let you do that!63
Use your brush on specimens to clean them, not the dirt!39
Hey, where are your leather gloves?33
Well that's nice for you. You can't dig around here without a certificate though.29
Well that's nice for you. But regulations say you can't dig around here without a certificate.28
The examiner up at the education centre can help you there.28
Really? What qualifications do you have?25
Well done! That means you can dig anywhere on this site, but you'll need to impress the examiner to use the winches.23
No, no; rock picks should only be used to dig at a level 2 site.21
Ahem! I don't see your specimen jar; you must carry one to be able to dig here.21
Me? I'm a workman. I get paid to shift dirt essentially. S'not a very good job, but it pays the bills.19
Yes, only persons with the correct Earth Sciences certificate can dig here. A level 1 certificate will let you dig in a level 1 site and so on.18
Ah, it's the great archaeologist! Congratulations on your discovery.15
Well get some and put them on first!15
I am involved in various stages of the dig, from the initial investigation to the installation of the mine shafts.14
Yea, only people who have passed level 1 certificate can dig in a level 1 site and so on and so forth.14
Oh wow! You're the archaeologist who found that altar in the mines aren't you!14
Oh yes, you need to have been trained in the various techniques before you can be allowed to dig for artefacts.13
Well, my job involves digging for finds, cleaning them and transporting them for identification.13
I find it very interesting and very rewarding. So glad to see you're taking an interest in the digsite. Hope to see you out here digging sometime!12
You're the little squirt who unearthed that big find in the mines aren't you. Well done.12
Oi! No boots! No leather boots: no digging!12
So glad to meet you! Well done!11
Well, let me know when you are.10
Wait just a minute. I can't let you dig here unless you have a specimen brush with you. Rules are rules!9
Well, let me know when you are. I can't be standin around yakkin'; I got work to do!6
Excuse me! No digging in the specimen trays please.5
Sorry, you haven't passed the level 3 Earth Sciences exam. I can't let you dig here.5
Well, let me know when you are and I'll do my very best to help you!3
Oi! Don't use that spade! What are you trying to do, destroy everything of value?2
Well done! That means you can dig anywhere on this site!2