Welcome. Have you come to give your soul to the Chasm?274
For now. Have you came to prove yourself in combat against the many demons within the Chasm?260
My master wishes you not to kill his minions without an agenda. You may only slay within the Chasm that which you have been assigned by a Slayer Master.252
I ask no questions of my master, I just inform.243
Oh yes! Just praying to my new master. It's hot down here, isn't it?61
Yama! I sold my soul you see, well, I guess that Ox- headed guy down there forcibly removed it.51
Oh, don't worry, I'm perfectly fine with the outcome. Sure, the loss of vision is a shame but it could be worse.49
Underground there are no tall buildings, I'm awfully afraid of heights, you see.45
What was that?43
So soon?33
The ritual, there were some... adverse effects...33
Oh yes! Pretty basic really, head of an Ox, bruma roots, lots of fire and of course the human sacrifice.33
The voice demanded that we stare into the fire until we saw enlightenment.33
Blindingly so.33
Why, of course! We're Zamorakians, we're evil...33
What demons?29