Protective clothing? I'm afraid I only have the one suit which I made myself to prevent infection from any contaminated patients I treat.1,334
These should protect you from infection.1,148
I suppose I could sell you this one and make myself another, but it would cost you at least 100 gold so that I could afford a replacement.1,131
Hello there. Can't stop to talk I'm afraid, I'm very busy right now.354
What are you on about?270
Retrain? But that will take months! Who will help the people if there are no doctors around? This is a foolish move!269
Well don't blame me when there's no one to help the king if he falls ill!269
That's okay. Just don't go near those sheep. When you can find the money come back here.74
Did you dispose of those infected sheep yet?56
You should hurry, they could infect the entire town in a matter of a few days!51
I'm afraid it will cost me that much to replace. I cannot possibly sell it for less.48
How do you feel? No heavy flu, shivers, nausea or loss of appetite?39
How about nightmares then? Are you experiencing any problems with especially scary nightmares?35
Good, good, I had to make sure. This plague really has an incredibly fast contagion rate. It spreads faster than the common cold!34
It came from the west somewhere. It is extremely quick spreading, and utterly deadly.24
It varies slightly from case to case, but usually abnormal nightmares and flu-like symptoms, progressing as you succumb more. Eventually, it results in the presence of a thick black tar-like substance secreted24
from the nose and eyes.21
Well hello again. I hear you managed to dispose of those sheep. Good work.19
Unfortunately if you reach this stage of infection then no one can save you.14
I notice you do not appear to have your protective clothing with you. Would you care to buy some more? Same price as before.11
You don't seem to have enough room to hold the protective suit. Come back when you do.6
You do that adventurer. You do not want to become infected by the plague.5
I don't take orders from citizens. Now I really must get to work.3
Good day, you have my next payment? I don't keep this charade up for fun you know.3
Well if you would mention it next time you see the Head Mourner, it would be appreciated.3