What do you want?860
Somewhere behind it. I couldn't get very far, what with the flooding in the tunnel.858
No, after that the only way you can get further is climbing up onto a high ledge, then crawling through a tunnel.851
You'll need to get into the other caves first, of course.850
In that case, could you go and deal with that monster?847
Not with monsters like that one in those caves.841
I'm waiting to work on the excavations...832
There's a crack in the wall where the others are digging, but the rocks are loose, and can fall on you if you're not careful.634
...and I think I might have broken the lift when I fell off it on my way back.587
Ah, here's that mining prop. I knew I had it somewhere.585
If it attacks the town...576
I don't want to have to face it again if it attacks the town.576
It had huge teeth and flaming red eyes, and was almost the size of the tunnel!575
There's some rope and some planks near the broken lift - those would probably come in handy.575
...though I don't really want to start digging again.574
But the walls are slippery...561
You'll probably need to fix the lift - I doubt you'd be able to climb.556
Are you an adventurer, by any chance?553
Here you go. Good luck with fighting that monster.545
I can give you a mining prop to keep them from falling, if you give me a minute to find it...528
Of course I'm still here.16
Rock falls and so on are fine, but sea monsters in caves - never!14
I'm not going near that crack in the wall again.10
I don't care what they said, I'm not going back in there!10
That's what I thought, until I saw the sheer size of it. This thing probably MADE the tunnels!4
I've heard stories from the Miscellanians. If you're the Regent, you must be quite a strong hero.4
So what are you worried about? You probably eat monsters like that for breakfast!4
Lucky I have a spare, isn't it?1