Hello there, can I help you?1,007
I heard the wall collapsed or something. I don't know why. Perhaps you could get to the bottom of this mystery!251
What kind of quest are you looking for?84
No it's not!40
Fool! Leave me alone!37
It's not a stick! I'll have you know it's a very powerful staff!35
Um..It's a bit low on power at the moment..34
...Ok it's a stick.. But only while I save up for a staff. Zaff in Varrock square sells them in his shop.34
Hello Zanik! I hope you like what you find up here!34
Hmm.. dangerous you say? What sort of creatures are you looking to fight?26
You'd get used to it!25
Are you asking for free stuff?20
No I do not have anything I can give you. If I did have anything of value I wouldn't want to give it away.20
Aye, not too bad thank you. Lovely weather in Gielinor this fine day.19
Of course I do. Gielinor is a huge place you know, now let me think...18
Hetty the witch in Rimmington might be able to offer help in the ways of magical abilities..18
Or you could go help out Ernest who got lost in Draynor Manor, spooky place that.17
Yes weather, you know.17
The state or condition of the atmosphere at a time and place, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure.17
Yes, it does look like you need a hairdresser.16
No problem. The hairdresser in Falador will probably be able to sort you out.16
Also, pirates are currently docked in Port Sarim, Where pirates are, treasure is never far away...15
Not just a pretty face eh? Ha ha ha.15
The Lumbridge general store sells useful maps if you don't know the way.13
This is the town of Lumbridge my friend.13
I can tell you about plenty of small easy tasks.12
The Lumbridge cook has been having problems, the Duke is confused over some strange rocks and on top of all that, poor lad Romeo in Varrock has girlfriend problems.12
You are a brave soul indeed.11
You may be able to help out Fred the farmer who is in need of someones crafting expertise.11
Or, there's always Doric the dwarf who needs an errand running for him?11
I assume the sky is up..11
Yeah, unfortunately I don't seem to be able to look up.11
Now that you mention it, I heard a rumour about a gypsy in Varrock who is rambling about some kind of greater evil.. sounds demon-like if you ask me.10
Skills play a big part when you want to progress in knowledge throughout Gielinor. I know of a few skill- related quests that can get you started.10
Perhaps you could check it out if you are as brave as you say?9
Small? Small isn't really that dangerous though is it?8
Yes ok, point taken. Speaking of small monsters, I hear old Wizard Mizgog in the wizards' tower has just had all his beads taken by a gang of mischievous imps.8
Sounds like it could be a quest for you?7
Well done! However I'm sure if you search around the world you will find more challenging foes to slay.7
Ha ha. I personally don't believe in such things. However, there is a man in Draynor Village who has been scaring the village folk with stories of vampyres.6
The best place to start would be at the gate to Draynor Manor. There you will find Veronica who will be able to tell you more.5
I suggest you tread carefully in that place; it's haunted.5
A chicken!?5
Very true, poor guy.5
Imps will be imps!5
RedBeard Frank in Port Sarim's bar, the Rusty Anchor might be able to tell you about the rumored treasure that is buried somewhere in Gielinor.4
He's named Morgan and can be found in one of the village houses. Perhaps you could see what the matter is?3
Doric the dwarf is located north of Falador. He might be able to help you with smithing. You should speak to him. He may let you use his anvils.3
Oh good, Thank you %USERNAME%!3
Yarr indeed my friend. A most excellent find.3
Right, that's enough of that!3
You can find Fred next to the field of sheep in Lumbridge. Perhaps you should go and speak with him.3
It's funny really, the cook would forget his head if it wasn't screwed on. This time he forgot to get ingredients for the Duke's birthday cake. 2
Perhaps you could help him? You will probably find him in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen.2
Oh yes, so you have. I am sure the Duke will be pleased.2
Yeah, yeah of course you did. Everyone knows vampyres are not real....2
You're not fooling anyone you know.2
Romeo in Varrock needs help with finding his beloved Juliet, you may be able to help him out. 2
Unless of course you manage to find Juliet first in which case she has probably lost Romeo.2
Yes you can't miss him, he's wandering aimlessly in the square.2
Well the Duke of Lumbridge has found a strange stone that no one seems to understand. Perhaps you could help him? You can probably find him upstairs in Lumbridge Castle.2
Ah excellent. Thank you very much adventurer.2
Hetty the witch can be found in Rimmington, south of Falador. She's currently working on some new potions. Perhaps you could give her a hand? She might be able to offer help with your magical abilities.1
Lumbridge chickens do make good target practice.1
You will have to wait until he isn't looking.1