Here you go.3,411
Thank you for all your help in solving the murder.144
How can I help?100
You aren't here to murder us in our sleep are you?37
So, you are here to kill us!35
Oh... I really couldn't say. I wouldn't really want to point any fingers at anybody. If I had to make a guess I'd have to say it was probably Bob though.30
I saw him arguing with Lord Sinclair about some missing silverware from the Kitchen. It was a very heated argument.30
Me? I was sound asleep here in the servants Quarters. It's very hard work as a handyman around here, There's always something to do!24
Hmmm..... No, I didn't, but I sleep very soundly at night.24
Now you mention it, no. It is odd I didn't hear anything like that. But I do sleep very soundly as I said and wouldn't necessarily have heard it if there was any such noise.24
Well, I do know Frank bought some poison recently to clean the family crest that's outside.19
You'd really have to ask him though.19
It's very old and rusty, and I couldn't clean it myself, so he said he would buy some cleaner and clean it himself. He probably just got some from that Poison Salesman who came to the door the other day...18
I'm not sure; it could be Anna's or David's.13
I can't.13
Nothing much. I didn't buy any and I don't remember who did.12
Yup, I don't pay heed to salesmen, they're a dodgy lot.12
Hmm, I seem to remember her looking at it a few days before the murder.11
I went to bed early as I'd been up very early fixing some garden equipment.10
No, I'm a very heavy sleeper. I didn't even hear the maid scream when she found the body. Louisa, the cook, had to come wake me.10
Let's see. I'd finished up early for the day and was heading to bed. I can't remember seeing any one on my way there.9
Pretty certain. I usually tried to avoid being near any of the Sinclairs.9
But she was proven guilty! There was even evidence.8
I have no interest in talking to gawkers.2
I don't know anything about that.1
Huh? I don't need that.1