Ah! Here you go!3,681
I need you to answer this for me.3,673
Please enter the answer to the question.3,628
Spot on!3,565
You got lucky this time, next time doom will be upon you.954
All around us! I can feel it in the air, hear it on the wind, smell it... also in the air!312
There is nothing you need to do my friend! I am the Doomsayer, although my real title could be something like the Danger Tutor.277
Yes! I roam the world sensing danger.253
That's why I'm waiting here!212
If I find a dangerous area, then I put up warning signs that will tell you what is so dangerous about that area.210
If you see the signs often enough, then you can turn them off; by that time you likely know what the area has in store for you.187
If you want to see the warning messages again, I can turn them back on for you.169
Do you need to turn on any warnings right now?105
You're welcome!66
How can that be? Go check again!63
Ok, keep an eye out for the messages though!33
You haven't got any PvP protection. Doom is already upon you.1