Hello, dearie?1,265
Hello again.1,216
You can if you can find them. Dave's hell-rats stole them all!1,214
Yes, he's just down in the cellar. Are you one of his evil friends?1,138
Well, I hope the two of you have a good time. Try not to make too much mess.1,015
Hello again dearie. How are you doing?252
What are you doing in my house?135
Hello again. Did you make your stew?122
Oh, that's good. He needs to spend time with more normal people. He hardly ever leaves that cellar, it can't be healthy.110
I know he's a grown man who lives in his mum's basement and hardly ever sees daylight, but there's no need to be nasty about it.102
Would you mind wandering out of my house?50
Oh, he's terribly hard to please, isn't he? I never know how to make food evil enough for him, I just have to try different things and see what he likes.50
Oh, I don't know really. He's always been evil, I think. Maybe growing up so close to the wilderness has affected him in some way.42
When he was little he used to want to go into Edgeville dungeon. You know how kids are, always wanting to be dungeon adventurers! But he didn't want to be a hero, he wanted to be a monster!40
And then he spent all summer building a tree-house. Except it wasn't a tree-house, of course, it was his Tower of Fear!36
Of course I was hoping he'd have grown out of it by now and maybe even left home. But at least it keeps him happy.36
I suppose you can, but try not to make a mess.35
I haven't got any money!28
Oh, it's not all that bad. It was a bit scary at first but as long as I don't go past the warning signs I'm all right.27
And there weren't even any guards to protect us! Not that the guards in the other cities do much good to protect people from what I've heard.27
It's actually pretty quiet here. I used to live in Lumbridge and, let me tell you, that's the dangerous place for people like me.26
Oh, poor thing. The hell-rats do that, you know. I think a nice drink of milk would sort it out. Shall I give it one?25
I just thank goodness I haven't got an Attack option any more! I wouldn't last five minutes!25
Thieves were picking people's pockets with impunity, and killing them on the streets in broad daylight!25
That's good to hear.18
Here puss...15
Hello dearie. Did Dave like the stew you gave him?13
Well, I suppose as long as the cat is all right, it doesn't matter what it looks like.6
Oh well.6
Have a nice time then.5