Well, well... I have a visitor. What are you doing here?1,261
There used to be this chap that worked in the other shaft. He was working on an explosive chemical mixture to be used for clearing blocked areas underground.1,080
Rumour has it he'd been writing a book on his chemical mixture. I'm not sure what goes in it but I'm sure you'll find the stuff he was using scattered around the digsite. He left so quickly he didn't take anything with1,078
He left in a hurry one day; something in the shaft scared him to death, but he didn't say what.860
him. In fact, I still have a chest key he gave me to look after; perhaps it's more useful to you.787
Indeed, you must be someone special to be allowed down here.132
Hmmm, let me think... Nope, can't help you there I'm afraid.56
Of course, don't let me keep you.49
Oh, well, don't forget that wealth and riches aren't everything.28
Hey! Trying to steal from me are you? What do you think I am, stupid or something?!27
A miner without a clue - how funny!12
Well, hello again. Congratulations on your finds.8