Mmmm, I see.2,018
Have you come to apply for the job?1,122
I'll have to ask you some questions first.1,102
How would you describe yourself in one word?1,101
You teleported me! Twice!1,071
That's right.1,071
I need you to get me enough dead body parts for me to stitch together a complete body, which I plan to bring to life.1,070
It's exactly this style of jar that I need, thank you.1,069
Well, that is your prerogative.1,069
Excellent, this will come in handy.1,068
Very nice. Although, a sterilised one would be better.1,068
Wonderful...and they even have easy-grip handles, too.1,068
Hmmm, size 3 staples. Interesting...1,068
I told you I reacted badly to teleportation!1,066
Aside from that, I seem to have arrived in one piece. I apologise for not believing you earlier. Brother Tranquility has told me the full story and I am prepared to help.1,066
I will need a cranial clamp, a pair of brain tongs, three bell jars and at least thirty skull staples.1,064
Well, the zombies holed up in the main monastery must have at least one set of those items; otherwise, how did they perform the operation in the first place?1,064
That won't work. Apparently they have sealed off that passage. The monks heard some explosions and saw the zombies moving something off the ship.1,062
Hah, only if you can walk through wood! They sealed it with planks.1,061
I believe so.1,060
Pah, you have no stomach for science.1,060
Well, if you are, do it in a bucket. This is a sterile environment, after all.1,057
That sounds pretty dangerous.1,056
Only a little, and the sawdust scraped right off with that cheese grater.1,056
Great, you've brought me some arms.1,039
Perfect. But I need one more thing from you - flesh and bones by themselves do not make life.1,039
Yes, there is. You're highly skilled at grave-digging, yes?1,034
I have honed to perfection an ancient ritual that will give life to this creature, but for this I must harness the very power of Nature.1,033
Excellent. Now listen carefully.1,032
The power of lightning.1,031
That's what I said...stuff.1,030
Well...dead stuff.1,029
Repair the conductor and BEGONE!!!1,029
Silence your insolent tongue! The storm that brews overhead will create the lightning. What I need you to do is to repair the lightning conductor on the balcony above.1,028
Where are my needle and thread, %USERNAME%?1,018
Yes, I'm afraid it did, %USERNAME% - all too well.1,016
I tricked it into going up to the Tower, and there it remains, imprisoned.1,016
...oh, what have I done...1,012
I have no control over it! It's coming to get me!1,011
Destroy it!!! Take the key to the Tower and take back the life I never should have granted!!!1,008
Just one more question. What would you say is your greatest skill?922
Ah, a needle. Wonderful.906
Excellent, you've brought me some legs.846
Some thread, excellent.810
Fantastic, you've brought me a head.810
Well, on the plus side, there was plenty of water to clean my clothing with afterwards...793
Now, why not follow them upstairs while I clean up.778
Could you please keep notes of what I do, for posterity?776
Let us get this operation started. I'll begin by using the...771
However, I am going to need a few things.770
I need you to find some...stuff...for me.763
Well, that's all of the items I'll need to get this situation fixed up.759
It seems they found the passage as they did a little interior rearranging.758
Oh, and a hammer.757
Go and get me a needle, and I'll need 5 lots of thread.748
Are they here yet? I can hear them...howling!744
Well, he occasionally delivers meat to clients if they are too far away to come and get it themselves. If I were inside a crate of meat then he'd be unable to smell me and you'd be able to get me past.742
Anything, anything. I will do anything to escape the wolves!741
I see...and how long have you been hearing these 'monks' talking to you?741
Hmm, their sense of smell is quite acute, so no disguise would work. And I have a teleporting.740
Did you come here to ask me something or just to insult me?739
Alright, alright! Whatever you say!738
Hmm, sounds like an offer I'd have to be really mad to refuse...737
I'm sure as soon as their headaches fade, they will want to talk to you.734
Superb!! Those are all the parts I need. Now to sew them together ... 732
Oh bother! I haven't got a needle or thread!730
Splendid, you've brought me a torso.668
Looks like you're just the man for the job! Welcome aboard!552
I accept, but you'll have to get me past those werewolves.517
And my medical practice was my living. The corpses thing was just a hobby.516
Wait... Rufus might be able to help.515
I mean, you have to admit that this is a little...unlikely a scenario.497
Looks like you're just the woman for the job! Welcome aboard!368
Well, you certainly seem to know what you are doing when it comes to rounding up cats. You must get a lot of practice!277
Well, regardless, everything seems to be ready for you to call Rufus.267
Blow your whistle and I'll get in the crate while we wait.230
So have you destroyed it?!!?227
What do you think you're doing???155
Oh my, oh my, this is exactly what I feared!145
No!! I refuse to release you!! You must help me build another creature to destroy this dreadful mistake!!132
So how is the plan progressing?130
The soil of Morytania is unique in its ability to preserve the bodies of the dead, which is one reason why I have chosen to carry out my experiments here.124
Why did you have to pick Rologarth's brain of all brains?!?121
Oh, it would be easier to do it myself! If you find a conductor mould you should be able to cast a new one.120
I recommend digging up some graves in the local area. To the south-east you will find the Haunted Woods; I believe there are many graves there.115
Remember this, %USERNAME%: my experiment will only work with a conductor made from silver.102
There is also a mausoleum on an island west of this castle. I expect the bodies that are buried there to be extremely well preserved, as they were wealthy in life.95
When you have all the equipment I asked for, come and see me so we can begin the procedure.89
theyrecomingtogetme theyrecomingtogetme...70
Cats? He thought you were shipping cats?54
I have been talking with some of the monks. They do seem to be rather intelligent for members of the clergy.52
I'm sorry, but I don't think you have the aptitude for this position.50
Oh, it's nothing to worry about.47
Well, that's a nice crate, but unless you want me to sit under a layer of (heh heh) cats, I think it'll need a false bottom.46
Well, I don't know...if you were a werewolf, I can see you would strike him as THAT sort of person.44
The ones with brains, that is.43
Hahahahahahahahahaha! all makes sense...39
Fine. *cough* Catlover *cough*.37
After talking with these monks and seeing your efforts to save them...I'm starting to regret my past actions.37
What do you think you're doing?37
Well, it'll be a tight fit, but I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in.35
I know...I think that my time here will be well spent trying to atone for what I did.34
Now all you have to do is go and get all your little kitty friends!33
Nothing you need to worry about.33
No, my friend. I have a very special purpose in mind for this creature.32
I came to the land of Morytania many years ago, to find a safe sanctuary for my experiments. This abandoned castle suited my purposes exactly.31
Oh, perfectly innocent experiments - for the good of mankind.31
Hahaha - nothing - hehehehe - at all.30
Mwuhahahahahahaha! Oh, it's so apt, I can't stop laughing!30
Enough questions, now. Get back to your work.30
Thank you for helping me see the error of my ways, %USERNAME%.29
I can't use this head, %USERNAME%. It's missing the most important part - the old grey matter.20
Where's my thread, %USERNAME%?20
Please, hurry - save me!!!!12
Very good, you have made a new conductor - now get up on the roof and repair it before this storm passes!9
Oh, doesn't anybody read signposts anymore???9
A pickled brain? What do you expect me to do with it - eat it with a packet of crisps?!?9
Where's my needle, %USERNAME%?9
The signpost in the middle of the village nearby! Oh never mind.8
I need a new butler. Would you like to apply?7
You've already brought me all the thread I need.4
Oh, for goodness sake. Here's a copy I had made.3
You've already brought me a needle.3
Well, I'm ready to leave, but you still have to help me get past the werewolves.1