What, what do you want?552
I was drawn here... I use to be a traveling doctor, until I arrived in Al Kharid.543
Of course there isn't, the hole you idiot, the hole speaks to me and I listen... It says I will do great things, only if I listen...526
Then I heard it call to me... I immediately gave up my profession and set up here.522
I'm happy here... the voices tell me I'm happy here. I can continue my work.517
Hello. What brings you to my surgery today?355
You look healthy to me!158
Oh, I used to be a travelling surgeon. Whenever I saw someone have an accident, I'd be there to check for concussion and offer treatment.25
It was a worthy cause, but I didn't feel properly appreciated, so I retired. Then I got bored, so I came to work here.25
So can I help you with something?21
Okay, this will hurt you more than it will me.18