Jolly good show, old bean! What do you suggest?349
Hmm, a worthy endeavour I would say. Possibly with its merits. Yes, indeed. Now how will you get up here?304
I say! Where on Gielinor did that voice come from?299
Why yes. Yes I can. My word. Is that one of the gods? Guthix perhaps? Saradomin?296
Egad! You're not...Zamorak...are you? I mean, uh...begging your pardon of course, my Lord. No offence intended!293
Ah ha ha! Excellent idea, old tomato! Here it comes then!282
Oh. Oh I see! Oh, yes. How clever! Remarkable idea! However did you think of that? Good show, old bean!282
Eh? Let down my beard? Have you lost it down there, old chum? Going a bit loopy?280
Rupert the Beard. At your service, old fruit.279
What's it, old banana?277
Not really, old spoon. There's not much up here except for me and my beard. Ha ha!276
What am I doing? Well, I guess I'm stuck in a matter of speaking. Dear me, yes! I'm stuck. And I speak in the King's speech, I'll have you know.272
Yes, old ogleroot! On account of my wonderfully long bearded chin, you see.272
Which K...? Why, THE King old spud! THE King! Only one worth mentioning in my opinion.270
That woman is a princess. She's holding me prisoner. If she sees you I will be in even more trouble and who knows what she'll do to you!268
What? That namby pamby nincompoop? Not on your nelly! More fluff in the ears than sense, that man!265
By Guthix, I know how you can help me!263
Ye gods! We can't talk like this anymore. You need to find a way up to speak to me privately, old boot!232
What? Kill the princess?23
What ever has gotten into your head, old war wound? Kill the princess. No, no, no. We don't do that sort of thing round here.23
Well, yes of course. In a manner of speaking, yes. But...but that still doesn't give us the right to go around lopping people's heads off because they're not very nice!22
No, there must be another way! Keep thinking!22
Yes, I get the idea. Now be a sport and think of a better idea!22
Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try, old socks! What would you say?14
Reason, eh? Hmmm. Well, you could give that a try.14
Climb down? What what what? It's miles! People are like little ants from up here...oh that's just a line of ants on the wall.14
Tish, posh and nonsense! You and your gangly long legs might be fine, but we dwarves are of shorter, stockier breed, old toothbrush!14
Indeed, definitely and most indubitably not! Think of something else!14
I don't know if that would work, old trousers. These walls are made from very smooth and flat stone. Excellent workmanship. Simply excellent.13
Right you are, old pockets! Keep thinking! These are excellent ideas you're having!13
I'm afraid I have no idea! It's a long way down as I said, so I can't see much from way up here!10
Lies! Lies! Now can you see anything down there that might help, old chicken?10
Eh? What? Oh! You don't have to use that anymore, old spoon! Climb up to speak to me!9
Up my beard of course! It was your idea after all, old spinach.9
By Guthix and Saradomin, that's astounding! You are an absolute marvel! Can you really fly?6
I see. Not very sporting in the circumstances, was it?6
Oh. Oh I see! Oh, yes. How clever! Remarkable idea! How ever did you think of that? Good show, old bean!4
Yes, old turnip. On account of my wonderfully long bearded chin, you see.4
Hmmm. No, no, I can't think of anything at the moment. I'm a bit stuck. Let me know if you get any ideas though.3
Hang on, old underpants!'re going to ask the princess to help you climb up this wall to see her prisoner.3
No, indeed. Indeed, no.3
Reason, eh? Hmmm. Well you could give that a try.3
Drain pi...oh, yes! Of course! Well, hello again old cigar! How great to from you again.1
Hmm. Let me think now.1