Oh no! My poor daughter...what has become of you?1,003
What's all that screaming?711
I suppose you're quite pleased with yourself now...26
What are you doing here? Snooping around...11
My poor Juliet....she's dead...dead! I shouldn't have been so hard on her...she was my lovely daughter. Booo hoooo hooooo!10
Hey , what are you doing here?9
What are you doing in my house...why the impertinence...the sheer dare you violate my personal lodgings....6
What on earth about? I hope you're not in cahoots with that good for nothing Romeo!5
He's been trying to wooo my daughter for an age. Up until now she's had the good sense to just ignore him. I just don't know what's gotten into her recently so that she would give him the time of day.5
What! Someone may fall in love with me...what are you trying to insinuate?5
Well get out! Get out....this is my house....and don't go near my daughter Juliet...she's grounded in her room to keep her away from that good for nothing Romeo.5
Well, just make sure there's no funny business going on that's all I can say. Do you know why?4
There's no need to guess! You can see it in my hawk like eyes, in my cat like ears and my dog like nose...4
NO! Not look like an animal! I have the keen 'SENSES' of an animal and I don't miss a thing. Don't even think about trying anything!4
Hey! What's that in your hands? Looks like some sort of potion to me!4
Sleep...! How can you even think of such a thing at a time like this? And I hope you have no intentions of sleeping in my house! 4
You'll get a bill for rent if I catch you dozing off around here!4
What are you doing in my house? Up to no good I shouldn't wonder!2
Oh...why, thank you...I've always tried to my best...2
...Hang on! Enough of that smiley talk. I have a daughter and I know what she's like. Don't even think of carrying on anything behind my back, I have the eyes of a hawk, nothing gets past me!2
Hey! What's that in your hands...looks like a message to me...with Juliet's barely legible scrawl on it...2
Groceries! a time like this, does that girl know what she's putting me through!2
Do you live here? If so, how's about a couple of hundred gold towards the rent eh? Pay your share I don't want to be like that freeloading Romeo!2
Just looking around! This is MY house! You might have at least 'ASKED' to view my considerably well appointed abode...but no, you've just burst in with all the elegance of a Troll at a tea party.1