You're trespassing, get out!849
Are you with the Black Guard or something?846
Right, and nice they look too on my display tables.836
Good one, human!835
Get out you pesky human! The boots are mine and you're not having them!834
No, you wouldn't be, you're just a human.639
They're mine and the last thing I'll do is part with them!590
What do you want from me?583
Hey! Is there someone at my window?335
Scram before I get the Black Guard to arrest you!250
What are you doing, casting spells in my house? Get out!153
What are you doing?!111
What are you doing there?!109
Stay away from there! Who do you think you are, coming into my house like that?107
Servants! We have another thief!68
Get out of my house!50
Get out of here before I get one of my servants to throw you out!11
Someone stole my beautiful boots... I had to buy some crummy replicas, the real boots were one of a kind.4
Don't touch that!3
Stay away from my books!3