Why should I?1,127
But how do you know me?1,044
If so, what weapon do I use?964
When do I like to eat rats?925
When are kittens best devoured?911
What do I usually eat for tea?894
What colour spider blood tastes the best?877
How many years old am I?868
and months?857
What are the most interesting ages for battles?831
And my house is situated where?814
What is my brother's name?801
And my pet cat is called?788
What's 5 plus 7?785
Let me see. Ah yes, I remember reading of a battle that took place at the outpost many years ago. Two ex- friends led forces in a small battle that ended with them pitted against each other at the top of the outpost as the783
They were once friends but a difference in their beliefs meant they fell out. One chose to follow the god Zamorak, whilst the other chose Saradomin. But finding themselves in this extreme situation at the top of the782
Well what are they then?781
You would.781
Anything else?780
Everything! Besides, it's 13!780
Very well, you seem to know me quite well, I'll answer your questions best I can.604
sole survivors because of their superior strength.601
outpost caused them to see the errors of their ways, like the waste of life, the lost friendship and the wasted time. They both then decided to unite under Guthix.594
Look, I don't have time for weaklings, if you want conversation, talk to my brother Blanin!132
You have your answers, now go away!70
Don't talk of my brother. He's not on my good side at the moment.70
You know nothing!61
Wrong, wrong, wrong!56
Don't waste my time!54
Leave me alone!39
Eww. Gross. You have some strange tastes.11
Leave me or I'll destroy you!10
What a strange name. Unlike my brothers!2