I'd tell you more, but my throat is drying up and my lips are dry. This desert climate is an inhospitable one. Get me another beer so that I can continue.866
I don't know exactly, he disappeared last week, either those Bandits or Menaphites have something to do with it. Perhaps their feuding has something to do with it, perhaps if you were to solve that problem... 445
I see. Don't worry about me, I'll just have to soldier on. Now what do you want to know?443
But my lips are dry, how can I possibly continue?441
I happen to know that you are looking for somebody.438
Well you're not here sightseeing, that's for certain. Anyway it's not really important how I know what I know. What is important is that I know all about the person you're looking for.437
Now is that his nephew from his side or his wife's? They have a huge family you see. I remember.......436
You are too kind, now what were we talking about?434
That's kind of getting a little deep for me, existential reasoning or justification was never my strong suit. So what can I do for you?433
It's yourself again, isn't it?432
Well now, if you had just asked me about that in the first place I would have told you directly.431
I've known him since he was a wee lad. A right little mischievous beggar....430
Anyway is there any chance of another beer?349
Ahh, a kind stranger. Get this old man a drink so that he may wet his throat and tell you of strange happenings in this town.299
What were we talking about again? Yes yes, when I was a boy..... no that's not it.243
Get this old man another drink so that he may wet his lips and continue.46
Ahh, a kind stranger. Get this old man another drink so that he may wet his throat and talk to you.35
What you looking at.17
Did you hear the one about the man who walked into a bar? He hurt his foot! Hah!17
Why does nobody like me?15
Thank you my friend - now if you don't mind I'm having a conversation with my imaginary friend Bob here.15
Eh? What's this? I don't want that, get me a beer.14
You know, I have this friend, and he.... I can't remember. What was I saying?14
Cheers for the beers!12
Did you hear the one where the camel walks into the bar and orders a pint? The barman asks 'Why the long face!'.10
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, doobidy do.8
Wha'? Are you lookin' at me? Are you lookin' at me? You know something? You're drunk, you are.8