I 'new it were you matey! 'Ere, have some ob the good stuff!6,812
I 'new it were you matey! I remember your kebab stories! 'Ere, have some ob the good stuff!6,354
Thanksh %USERNAME%!3,337
I'm supposhed to sholve this for a bet *hic* but I'm feeling a lil eh. Help me!3,329
You're not my matey!1,253
Very kind of you, %USERNAME%!870
I want my Kelda shtout!827
It is, it is! It's one of the many minor companies, not part of the Consortium.827
Right, so I had just left my company. I'd had enough of slaving away in the mines and decided to become an explorer. Oh yes, like my cousin.824
Now there'sh a good human, gimme that!821
...and then I nearly fell into the abyss! But I...820
You want to hear about the Red Kebabsh or what? I mean... the Red Axe.818
Ooooh, THAT'sh the good shtuff!817 I had to run for my life, but then...810 dragons...802
...and I don't really remember anything after that. People think I'm a drunken fool.792
If you shay sho... I just want to smash up shome shtuff now.769
I don't know... I c-c-c-can't think shtraight when I'm *hic* sober.610
Did you get me shome of the good stuff yet?609
DON'T contradict me! Or I won't tell you about ehm... about the... whatever it is you wanted to know.608
I'll shtop, right after you get me shome of the good shtuff!604
A long time ago, quite a while ago, yes... I resigned from my mining company, the Magenta Accordion.599
I know, but get me shome of it anyway. 'ere, have a seed.593
Some of them original Kelda Stout! Ash blue ash the river! Ash strong ash ole Dondakan's rock. Ash foul tasting ash ash.592
Some of me drinking buddies might have 'em. They're quite rare, you shee. Oh yesh, quite rare.592
You're awfully shmart for a human!592
You silly human! Silly shilly silly *hic* human. You need FOUR seeds, and grow them into hops.591
What wash that? *hic* No no no, this ish noooooo good! I want some of the REALLY good stuff.589
The Red Axe? You want to know about them, do you? Then let me tell you my tale. It is long and quite unforgettable...587
I explored this old mine, you know, just south of Keldagrim. I think it's boarded up now. Some amazing things I saw there.583
First of all...554
Hop hop hop! *hic*439
Drinking buddies. Yes, find me some drinking buddies. No, find the other seeds. Yes.437
'Ave a good 'un buddy!436
Of courshe! Why why why *hic* why shouldn't I be?235
All over, all over... he shaish he went off to wander all over Gielinor. Don't remember why.211
He comesh back sometimesh... saysh he needsh more kebabsh.201
I've been looking after thish houshe for my... my coushin? Or wash it my brother? A family member anyway.196
That'sh not likely... I've been here for eh...175
Or ish that jusht a dream? Sometimesh I dream kebabsh invade Keldi... Keldu... Keldashomething.174
When you eatsh them, they take over your mind, they do! An army of mindlesh kebab eating dwarvesh!167
I've been here for...154
Shorry but you haven't sholved the puzzle yet *hic*.87
Got me my Kelda stout?48
I don't know anyshing about the Red Kebabs.21
I don't know what you're *hic* talking 'bout.20
Jusht pop down to the Laughing Miner and get some, will you?15
It'sh the pub to the... er. North. No, shouth. South.12
Waaahaaay! It's %USERNAME%! *hic* Maate!6
I fink oiv drunk a bit toooo much.6
Wont a kebab?6
Well, oym goona pass owt now. Have one on me!6
No no no, not the shtuff you gave me. Nooooooo! I want some of the REALLY good stuff.3
Very kind of you, Nin- Kan-Poop!1
Very kind of you, G00N- SQUAD!1
Very kind of you, K- Sturb!1