Greetings. Welcome to my castle.12,050
Well, it's not really a quest but I recently discovered this strange talisman.1,235
Thank you very much, stranger. I am sure the head wizard will reward you for such an interesting find.1,206
A knight going on a dragon quest, hmm? What dragon do you intend to slay?1,191
Actually, something was taken. Sigmund has informed me that some of the castle silverware is missing from the cellar.1,103
Welcome, gentlemen, to Lumbridge Castle.1,100
I welcome Osman, spymaster for the Emir of Al-Kharid.1,099
I welcome the chief guard of the White Wolf Mountain dwarves.1,093
I welcome Pirate Pete from Braindeath Island.1,091
I welcome Skrach Uglogwee of the Feldip Hills ogres.1,089
Sigmund! Is this your doing?1,089
I welcome the chief of the Goblin Village.1,088
I welcome my neighbour, Phileas the Lumbridge Guide.1,088
This peace treaty specifies the border between Lumbridge and the Cave Goblin realm. Please take it to the cave goblins and tell them I would like to meet with their leader to sign it.1,085
From the town of Edgeville, I welcome Evil Dave.1,082
I've never seen anything like that before. It doesn't come from Lumbridge. What do you think, Sigmund?1,082
A hearty welcome to Sir Amik Varze, leader of the White Knights...1,081
... and finally, I welcome the ruler of Ape Atoll, Awowogei.1,079
Please sit down!1,078
SIT DOWN!1,078
I assure you that the warmongering element has been dealt with.1,076
Gypsy Aris seems to be late...1,075
Welcome, Ur-tag. I am sorry that your race came under suspicion.1,075
Oh, what now?1,072
Excuse me while I deal with this...1,072
Yes, he mentioned that to me. But I think he was imagining things. Goblins live in natural caves but everyone knows they don't have the wit to make their own tunnels.1,072
It seems to be mystical and I have never seen anything like it before. Would you take it to the head wizard at882
Hmm, perhaps you are right. I will send word to the army to prepare for an underground assault.849
%USERNAME%, Lumbridge is in your debt. Please accept this ring as a token of my thanks.842
Hmm, I had suspected it. But however much I disapprove of the HAM movement it's not actually illegal. I'll keep an eye on him though.839
No, let it stay. It can be a route of commerce between our lands.839
the Wizards' Tower for me? It's just south-west of here and should not take you very long at all. I would be awfully grateful.830
Unless it is returned, I am afraid I will have no option but war.818
That's enough! Get out of my castle now!813
I see I was ill-advised. Unless there is an act of aggression by the cave goblins there is no need for war.806
It is enchanted to save you in your hour of need.805
I've never heard of a goblin wearing something so well- crafted.787
Don't lie to me! I knew you were a HAM member but I didn't think you would stoop to this. You are dismissed from my service.777
Hmm, very well. I give you permission to investigate this mystery. If there is a blocked tunnel then perhaps you should try to un-block it.775
The wall collapsed because of an earthquake. I'm waiting for a team of builders to come and repair it.769
But it wasn't stolen from us. Where could it be from?768
I will not commit troops until I have proof that goblins are behind this.764
Greetings. Welcome to my castle. It's good to see a visitor from the Dorgeshuun! I am Duke Horacio.753
%USERNAME%, please find out what you can about this brooch. The librarian in Varrock might be able to help identify the symbol.753
%USERNAME%, I would still like you to find out more about this tribe. It cannot hurt to know one's enemy.678
Tell Ur-Tag that I wish to speak with him again. I think that our cities could profit from trading with one another, but there can be little trade if he does not allow visitors to enter the city.603
Now then, child, there is room for caution and experience in politics.599
Of course. Now you've slain Elvarg, you've earned the right to call the shield your own!598
Elvarg? Are you sure?566
Back in my father's day, Crandor was an important city-state. Politically, it was as important as Falador or Varrock and its ships traded with every port.553
If you really think you're up to it then perhaps you are the one who can kill this dragon.538
Take care out there. If you kill it...526
Did you speak to the head wizard for me yet, adventurer?439
Ah, that would explain it. One of my servants found this outside, and it seemed too much of a coincidence that more than one strange438
I remember my father being very scared. He posted lookouts on the roof to warn if the dragon was approaching. All the city rulers were worried that Elvarg would devastate the whole continent.413
No, all is well for me.399
But, one day when I was little, all contact was lost. The trading ships and the diplomatic envoys just stopped coming.349
If you kill it, for Saradomin's sake make sure it's really dead!336
Well, you're a braver man than I!303
No... I know they've been gaining members but I haven't heard anything else from them. They may be planning something, but then again they may not.273
Well, you're a braver adventurer than I!250
Hello again, Zanik, %USERNAME%. I hope you are enjoying your tour. Perhaps someday a human can have a similar tour of your city.217
I've heard that the blacksmiths are prosperous amongst the peasantry. Maybe you could try your hand at that?215
object would appear on my land in such a short period of time. Please take this to the head wizard at the Wizards' Tower, south-west of here, and don't lose it this time.146
It basically defines the borders between our two societies. It's not usual for two states to be above one another rather than side-by-side!101
Everything above ground, within the borders of Lumbridge, belongs to Lumbridge. Everything below ground belongs to the Dorgeshuun. Except for the cellars of our buildings, those belong to Lumbridge.82
Of course both our underground systems might expand. Neither state can build new tunnels that are too close to the other's systems...74
We are preparing to go to war with the underground goblins over the missing silverware. If you think the cave goblins are innocent you should present evidence quickly!65
You were going to find out about that brooch you found.50
You were helping to investigate what happened in the cellar. Come back when you've found something out.42
That would keep the fight away from any innocents. It would be a great risk though.37
The only task remotely approaching a quest is the delivery of that talisman I gave you to the head wizard of the Wizards' Tower,25
south-west of here. I suggest you deliver it to him as soon as possible. I have the oddest feeling that it is important...21
That tunnel could have many origins. I suggest you investigate further.19
I don't have an infinite supply of these shields, you know. I'll only give one for a truly worthy cause.18
I still find it surprising that such a well-crafted brooch would have a goblin symbol on it. Perhaps you should find out more about this ancient tribe.13
Very wise. There are some monsters that are best left alone.10
As you wish, stranger, although I have this strange feeling that it is important. Unfortunately, I cannot leave my castle unattended.10
I think I will need better proof than a simple denial that these goblins are innocent.6
That's a relief. I would hate to see such a promising adventurer cut down in his prime.5
That's a relief. I would hate to see such a promising adventurer cut down in her prime.5
You were taking the peace treaty to the cave goblins.4
You don't appear to have enough free space to take the shield, at the moment.3
Talk to me again when you have free inventory space.1