Please enter the answer to the question.3,261
I have a question for you.3,221
Hi! Did you want something?2,073
Have you managed to get my son signed up for the Imperial Guard?1,368
Well, here's the sled but it will need to be waxed. The wax will need to both protect the sled as well as smoothen it.1,255
Anything else before I get on with my work?1,233
For you, no problem.1,165
Have you got all the materials for the sled yet?1,096
He is safe and sound, thanks to you my friend!1,092
I have very little to offer you in way of thanks, but perhaps you will accept this family heirloom. It was found by my great-great-grandfather, but we still don't have any idea what it does.1,091
Haha, very funny! Aren't you a bit old for rolling around in the snow?1,047
Well, since you've helped my family out a couple of times, I'd be glad to build a sled for you.1,035
Thank you!1,030
Hi! How can I help?1,025
He does, does he? Well I won't do it till he pays for the last set I made for him!1,025
How so?1,023
Hmm. That's different!1,020
My son has just turned 16 and I'd very much like him to join the Imperial Guard. The Prince's elite forces are invite only so it's very unlikely he'll get in. If you can arrange that you have a deal!1,020
Excellent! You'll need to bring an Iron bar for the spikes!1,019
No problem.1,006
Maybe if you mix some wax with a bit of swamp tar it will achieve the desired effect. You'll also need something to store the wax in... like a cake tin.932
So why do you need a sled then?889
Do you realise that you can only use the Climbing boots right now? The Spiked boots can only be used in the Icelands but no one's been able to get there for years!747
Let me think...732
Now to keep my end of the bargain. Give me the boots and an iron bar and I'll put on the spikes.727
I should have my designs ready by the time you have brought me all the materials.721
Tell you what, I'll make them for you on one condition.721
Yeah, that should do it. I will need some yew or maple logs, a bar of iron and some rope.709
Well, if it isn't our very own sledder! What can I do for you today?583
You will also need a cake tin to store the wax in.367
Thank you, come again.259
Yeah sure, have you got the maple or yew logs, an iron bar and some rope?245
Do you realise that you can only use the Climbing boots right now? The Spiked boots can only be used in the Icelands but no ones been able to get there for years!224
Well, I've got one here you can have for 1,000 coins if you'd like it?221
I don't know. I'm a smith! But maybe you should look for some bees.213
Sorry friend, but I can't do anything with that.187
Hello again.174
Well, I guess some of us never grow up!154
There you go, happy doing business with you!136
So you're a smithy are you?113
A fellow smith is welcome to use my anvil!111
The swamp of course! It's south of Lumbridge.99
Well, unfortunately I can't make the sled without all the materials.80
He is getting on fine! He has just been promoted to Sergeant! I'm really proud of him!70
Sorry, I'll need an Iron bar to make the spikes.48
I think you've got the spiked boots stored somewhere. Are you going to take them to the Sherpa?47
No, try again.36
You will need some wax and some swamp tar.36
He is getting on fine! He has just started his basic training and has already been promoted to corporal! I'm really proud of him!29
I see you've got the spiked boots. Are you going to take them to the Sherpa?15
Have you managed to rescue Godric yet?14
Please hurry! Who knows what they will do to him? Is there anything I can do in the meantime?12
Good but I need to have the certificate.11
Looks like you don't have any room to carry it just now, come back when you do.10
I'll need %NUMBER_COMMA% coins to repair that.9
Looks like you don't have enough money to afford it just now, come back when you do.6
He was captured by those cursed trolls! I don't know what to do. Even the imperial guard are too afraid to go rescue him.5
Talk to Denulth, he can tell you all about it. Anything else before I get on with my work?5
I'm afraid that amulet cannot be repaired.1