Sorry, but you're not experienced enough to go in there.581
Welcome to the Mining Guild. Can I help you with anything?431
Hey! No goblins allowed down there!135
This leads deeper into the guild. Through here you'll find even more rocks including runite and amethyst!112
Hello there. Do you need anything?105
Of course. Go right ahead.102
All sorts of things! There's plenty of coal rocks along with some iron, mithril and adamantite as well.93
There's no better mining site anywhere!87
Where do you think you're going? Only people helping assemble the machine are allowed down there!84
What do you think? We smelt it into bars, smith the metal to make armour and weapons, then we exchange them for goods and services.84
Oh, it's another one of you funny people. Okay, grab one of the crates and take it downstairs. I told your boss how to put the parts together.81
No, this is only a mining outpost. We dwarves don't much like to settle in human cities. Most of the ore is carted off to Keldagrim, the great dwarven city. They've got a special blast furnace up there - it makes80
This cave leads to the Mining Guild, home to the finest mining site around. Is there anything else I can help you with?78
smelting the ore so much easier. There are plenty of dwarven traders working in Keldagrim. Anyway, can I help you with anything else?72
Dorgesh-Kaan's very nice to visit, but I don't think I'd want to live there.70
Deeper in the guild you'll find even more rocks including some runite! The best bit though is our amethyst mine, the only one in the land!66
Y'know, at first I didn't like the idea of visiting a goblin city, but these cave goblins are alright.62
These goblins have so much more advanced technology than us. Take a look at their magical lights! We could never create something like them.58
You're %USERNAME%, aren't you? It's a good job you did helping to get this train link open.55
I hope the goblins are properly maintaining their stretch of track! I'd hate to see them spoil good Dwarven workmanship.53
Sorry, but you're not allowed in there.50
Sorry, but you're not experienced enough to go through there.42
Can I help you at all?29
Didn't your boss tell you? It's a digging machine. Very special. Digs straight up, and can work without supervision when it's turned on.25
Hey! What do you think you're doing going down there empty-handed? Get a crate and carry it down!21
Is that what you people call yourselves? Well, it's certainly not out of the goodness of my heart. Your boss paid good money for this machine, plus my fee for transporting it all this way.20
So get to work and get it downstairs!20
What do you want?19
What, your boss? He's downstairs waiting for you slackers to carry the rest of the crates down. So get a move on!17
The guy who ordered all this? I don't see that's any of your business.10
Nothing that you're allowed to see I'm afraid.10
None of your business! Those funny pink-robed people told me to keep it secret!9
What, these odd pink-robed people? Oh, the normal reason. Because they paid me.8
No, and I don't want to. Now go away!8
Oh, honestly! If you're not here to help then get out of the way!7