Now what rock would that be, exactly?957
Ah, Don's rock, right?957
No, no one knows. No one here, anyway. The only one I can think of is Rolad, a renowned scholar. He was part of Dondakan's team once, many years ago.955
He left to explore the world. Learning by experience, or so he said. Me, I prefer a cold stout at home, but it takes all sorts.953
Why, what do you need them for?941
And you'd be the test subject? I mean, the cannonball?935
Haha, that I would like to see!927
I think he's currently with the Black Guard at Ice Mountain.656
Haha, he's always a laugh, that Khorvak. Shooting humans out of cannons!650
Here, take this. Khorvak sent it to me from White Wolf Mountain, kind of as a joke. It's incomplete, of course, doesn't mean anything without other parts.632
I wish you'd just leave me alone.64
I was a great engineer once. Still am actually.56
I'm an assistant in this shop. I get all the lousy jobs too.51
Yes, and I already gave a part to you, remember?39
They just don't let me do the work I do best anymore.36
You wouldn't be able to carry them anyway, so why ask for them?1