Hello there, want a ride?461
Want to cross the river? It's just 2 gold pieces!425
You don't even have 2 gold coins, humans!407
Across the river, across the river! It's just a short ride!396
Haha, you understand us dwarves well, human!387
Come back later.296
It's just 2 gold pieces! Want to go?287
I... guess.250
Hello, want to cross the river?140
Are you kidding?129
Of course I am! But it's just 2 gold coins, do you want to go?98
Want me to take you across? It's just 2 gold pieces!94
You mean to the city of Keldagrim?53
Sorry, I'm just a simple ferryman, I only go across.53
Oh, we wouldn't want that to happen. Come along, you can go for free this time.50
You don't even have 2 gold coins, human!45
But talk to my friend here, he sometimes goes to the city in his ship.39
Hmm. I suppose I could make an exception for you this time.18