Who disturbs the rocks of Zekin?1,456
You would release me from my torment and the source would be available to you. However, you must realise that this will be no easy task.1,380
To complete your task you must use this weapon on Viyeldi.1,369
I was brutally murdered by a vicious man called Viyeldi. I sense his presence near by, but I know that he is no longer living.1,357
You will benefit from this decision, the source will be opened to you. Bring the dagger back to me when you have completed this task.1,274
I am Echned Zekin... and I seek peace from my eternal torture...1,109
My spirit burns with the need for revenge, I shall not rest while I sense his spirit still. If you seek the pure water, you must ensure he meets his end.1,062
I will furnish you with a weapon which will help you to achieve your aims... Here, take this...1,034
If not, you will never see the source and your journey back must ye start. What is your answer? Will ye put an end to Viyeldi for me?864
I was robbed of my life by a cruel man called Viyeldi and I hunger for revenge upon him. It is long since I have walked this world looking for him to haunt him and raise terror in his life.840
But tragedy of tragedies, his spirit is neither living or dead. He serves the needs of the source. He died trying to collect the water from this stream, and now I hang in torment for eternity.675
Something seems different about you... Your sense of purpose seems not bent to my will... Give me the dagger that you used to slay Viyeldi or taste my wrath!625
Aha, I see you have completed your task. I'll take that dagger from you now.570
Aahhhhhhhhh! As I take the spirit of one departed, I will now reveal myself and spell out your doom.569
So, you desire the water that flows here?346
The water babbles so loudly and I am already so tortured. I cannot abide the sound so I have stoppered the streams. Care you not for my torment and pain?309
Why do you return when your task is still incomplete?103
Return swiftly with the weapon as soon as your task is complete.58
You worthless Vacu, how dare you seek to trick me. Go and slay Viyeldi as you promised or I will layer upon you all the pain and torment I have endured all these long years!57
Such noble thoughts, but Viyeldi is not alive. He is merely a vessel by which the power of the source protects itself.53
Yes, you may get some water, but first you must help me. Revenge is the only thing that keeps my spirit in this place.53
If that is your decision, so be it, but expect not to gain the water from this stream.49
Avenge upon me the death of Viyeldi, the cruel. And I will give you access to source...49
Help me take vengeance on Viyeldi and I will gladly remove the rocks and allow you access to the water. What say you?48
Go now and slay him, as you agreed. If you are forfeit on this I will take you as a replacement for Viyeldi!37
I am long since dead and buried, lost in the passages of time. Long since have my kin departed and I been forgotten... It is unlikely that you know me... I am a poor tortured soul looking for rest and eternal peace...36
It is too late for second thoughts... Do as you have agreed and return to me in all haste... His presence tortures me so...35
The decision is yours but you will have no other way to get the source. The pure water you seek will forever be out of your reach.31
Bring it to me with all haste. Or torment and pain will I bring to you...13
The rock must remain, it stoppers the waters that babble. The noise troubles my soul and I seek some rest... rest from this terrible torture...9
Use the dagger I have provided for you to complete this task and then bring it to me when Viyeldi is dead.7