Hey, you've only got four legs. How do you manage? Don't you fall over?11
Hey... there are so many humans in the world.11
Hey... are you scared of spiders?7
Someone has stolen your legs! This is a DISASTER!7
We've got to catch the leg thief!7
I bet you're a mighty hero!7
%USERNAME%! Hero-of-the-humans!7
You're right. They probably used the machine to give themselves really long running-away type legs. We'll never catch them now.6
Back in my old web there were only spiders.6
Suppose I was bitten by a magically-irradiated man?6
I might become the Man-Spider! I'd gain all the powers of a man! Like, um...6
Um... what can humans do that's special?6
I'm going to learn how to fly! I'm going to be a flying spider!5
You are a mighty hero, aren't you? I bet you've slain dragons and all sorts of stuff.5
Aww. I bet you'll be a mighty hero someday, though.3
Brilliant! You can do it! Come on, let's have an adventure!3
Not even a bit?2
I bet I can make you scared of spiders!2
Boo! Raaar! I'm a scary spider!2
Next time you go to sleep I'm going to crawl on your face and EAT YOUR EYEBALLS!2
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I made you scared of me! I made you scared of me!2
It's okay, I'm not really going to eat your eyeballs. Spiders don't do that.2
Well... I don't think they do.2
I'm going to spin webs between my legs to make wings! Then I can fly!2
Um... okay! I'll spin the webs... and then you throw me in the air.2
Okay. Three...2
Wait! I'm not ready!2
I don't think I've got the webs right. I'm not ready yet. We'll do it another time.2
Aww, don't say that. Everyone is special!2
I could be your sidekick! %USERNAME% and Eek! We could have all sorts of adventures together!2
Then again, your legs are much longer than mine.2
How'd you get such long legs? Do you have some kind of leg-extending machine?2
Where is the leg-extending machine? I want to use it!2
Oh no! I'm sorry!2
I've got to try not to be scary.2
You should just pretend I'm not a spider! Like, maybe I'm an eight-legged mouse!2
Oh! I didn't know humans could do that!2
Please don't fry me with your heat rays!2
I'm too young to fry!2
Oh! I wouldn't want to use it if it's broken.1
It might malfunction and give me tiny, tiny legs! Like a slug, only with tiny legs!1
Or it might make some legs longer than others so I wouldn't be able to walk and I'd fall over!1
That would be TERRIBLE!1
I'd better keep away from that machine!1
Yes! I could have all sorts of gadgets! Like a gadget that spins webs!1
Wait... I can already spin webs.1
Never mind!1
You would say that! You want to keep it for yourself!1
Well that's okay. Maybe I don't even need your leg- extending machine!1
I can do special leg-stretching exercises! Make my legs longer naturally! No artificial legs for me!1
You just wait! Soon I'll have the best legs ever!1
Yay! %USERNAME% and Eek! We'll travel all over the world fighting for justice! And freedom! And things like that!1
Come on, %USERNAME%! Let's have an adventure!1
You know what? It's great being a spider.1
Some spiders can fly! They use web strands to float in the air!1
I think I know more about spiders than you, seeing how I am one!1
That's okay.1
I don't want to fly now. I'm not in the mood.1