You like it? It's simply fabulous, isn't it? A real marvel of modern design made just for my fellow alchemists and I!1,064
Oh, no, no, no, no.1,061
Exactly. 1,057
Hey! Maybe you could talk to them?1,054
Come on! This is the chance of a lifetime!1,054
That's fantastic! Oh, I'm so pleased.1,042
Oh, I have a good feeling about this.1,040
Hurrah! Splendiferous!879
Years of devoted work; it's complete!875
You've killed it?741
It's going to have a use that will change this world!730
They've gone on strike for some petty reason about the tower being too weird. I really can't understand those men.726
It is time, my friends! The culmination of our work is complete!718
Or at least it would if we could ever get it finished.710
It begins! The first day of creation!708
See those builders?702
Go have a word with Bonafido the head builder. See if you can't get him off his backside to do some work. Oh, and I'm Effigy by the way.698
Maybe you could finish the work?687
It worked!686
What a keen eye this chap has! But imagine this: a gargantuan cylinder of expert design, incorporating an inventive inner spiral walkway to multiple planes of wondrous inhabitance!650
Ah, it's our helper. Thank you for fixing the tower; we will reward you greatly.648
Don't worry. It has no soul; it has no worth.646
Hey, guys! It's finished!639
You should know your place, adventurer. This is no concern of yours now.638
I know, I know. This is a truly dangerous creation, of all proportions.634
I will, I will. Next time we'll use a stronger cage.633
A bad joke.631
Maybe you could go have a talk with it?631
Pretty please with a cherry on top?629
I'll make sure you're compensated. You won't be forgotten for this!629
To the top of the tower, fellow alchemists!627
Right away, right away!567
even magic needs a certain level of rules and laws to work.550
Please, we just wanted to experiment. We wanted to create life. There's a dungeon under the tower. Long ago we found a strange source of energy that we believe was left behind by the great Guthix. He used to546
You set it free. Oh, please don't hurt me!542
create life with such ease. We realised we should be able to use this powerful substance, but we needed to bring together our magic along with the logical construction of the builders. It seemed through our experiments that537
A great many years of planning and preparation has brought us here, my fellow alchemists. Now we have... The Tower of Life! We can already create gold, we can already transform matter from one thing to532
another, and now we have the ability to create life itself! We owe much to the power of Guthix, for without the life essence he left below ground, we would never have been able to bring this tower alive!512
We did it. A Homunculus!507
Yes, be still and quit your moaning.475
Wait a minute.475
Do you know the outpost north of Ardougne?471
Well, the King was going to make that into an alchemy lab for us, but some fool ruined our plans!471
Hey, wait up!469
Shut up, you pathetic being.466
Oh no...464
Don't make us hurt you.463
Flee for your lives!461
You look like a sturdy chap. 454
What a keen eye this lass has! But imagine this: a gargantuan cylinder of expert design, incorporating an inventive inner spiral walkway to multiple planes of wondrous inhabitance!413
Good lad! I knew you would help us!381
Don't I recognise you from somewhere?312
You look like a sturdy lass. 277
Good girl! I knew you would help us!247
Make haste, young adventurer! For the great Tower of Life awaits no man, and only the impetuous will discover its virtue!26
My favorite builder! Any luck?22
Well, thanks.21
Perhaps one day, but I'm looking for someone with better skills to be honest.21
Go have a word with Bonafido, the head builder, lying next to the entrance to the tower. See if you can't get him off his backside to do some work.18
I know, I know. But think of how fantastical it will be when it is finished!15
Fantastic weather we're having today!15
The sun is shining... The birds are singing...15
Hehe. Just fix the tower. You'll soon see.14
Have you spoken to our wondrously fabulous creation yet?7
What a hideously, unforgiveable and insensitive combination of dialogue to supply to a friend!6
Marvellous! So you can bring this tower to life!2
Oh, what a wondrous person you are!2
A bit ill?1