Hey! Itsh you again! Whatshyerfashe!114
Nah nah nah, not them, the other one, whatshyerfashe!59
Thatsh what I said diddle I?50
Thanksh pal! You're alright!40
Wha? Wassha counshil? (hic) No counshil gone meshup my drink!22
Counshil alwaysh meshing up my drinksh 'do thish, do that, pass this tesht something something something something'.. man I hate that counshil.20
(hic) Washa counshil wha?19
I'm now a member of the counshil of eblars? Thanksh a lot buddy! (hic) Letsh have a drink to celebrate!15
Hey! scheck it out! Itsh an outerlandub! Yer shud go shpeak to the chieftain!13
That guy over there by that stuff! (hic) Yeh, abshoultely! He's da bosh!13
Yoo shuwdn't be warking 'round alown whyle exshiled!9
Behgawn exshiled. Elsh'll cahll thur gards!4
Gerr owtta 'ere befur ay mayke yew!4