Human! You must be one of Tyras's men...2,692
And you have something to prove this?2,686
As I was saying... I have no time for brigands or outlaws.1,407
That's Lord Iorwerth's pendant. He must have a lot of faith in you. Now, what is it I can help you with?1,275
Well this was his old camp. After the battle a few days ago they moved. We're yet to find them again.1,274
As it goes I'm not actually tracking them at the moment. I'm currently trying to trace our renegade brethren instead. This here is the best lead we've found so far.1,273
Ahh I guess you can't see it with those human eyes.1,271
These forests aren't always as dense as you'd think. If you look closer, you might see ways that you can get through. With that in mind, why don't you give it another go?1,271
How goes the hunt for that bandit camp?961
I tell you what. Now that you're here I may as well give you a hand. I'll search here on the east side. You check out the west end of the camp. Come and tell me if you find anything.918
I'm sure Lord Iorwerth will be pleased to hear that. You should let him know.912
How goes it?200
Check out the west end of the camp and see if you can find anything. I'll keep looking here. Let me know if you find anything.188
Human! You must be one of Tyras's men. I have no time for brigands or outlaws.12
Thanks... But I have no need of that.12
I take it that the huge explosion I just heard was you?6
This is good news indeed. Lord Iorwerth will be very happy. You should go and let him know.6
Ahh... brigand %USERNAME%...5
I have no need for that.3