Hello there.1,591
Ah, so you've found the ruins of Uzer.1,173
I wrote that letter to my late husband when he was exploring there.943
If you're interested in his expedition, the notes he made are in the library in the Exam Centre.862
That was a great city as well, but the museum could only fund one excavation and this one was closer to home.810
I'm helping with the dig. I'm an expert on Third Age architecture.130
They're on a bookcase in the Exam Centre.94
In the Third Age, this was a great city. Look at these giant walls! They put Varrock to shame!85
No one knows for sure.40
But the Third Age was a time of destruction, when the gods were violently at war.36
Many great civilizations were destroyed then.28
Hmph. I don't think it will look this good when it's been buried in the ground for three thousand years!26
The statuette? Oh, yes...6
That statuette was the only thing we had to show from that expedition.6
Now it's on display in the Varrock museum.6
It was very worn, but you can still make out a lot of detail. The Uzerians were expert sculptors. It's a pity we only have that small example.5