What's so important you need to bother me with then?437
There was a nest of mosquitos under the fountain in the garden, which I killed with poison the other day. You can see for yourself if you're capable of managing that, which I somehow doubt.251
Doesn't everyone?246
I was out.58
Not really. I don't have to justify myself to the likes of you, you know. I know the King personally you know. Now are we finished here?58
Could have been anyone. The old man was an idiot. He's been asking for it for years.52
Looks like Blue thread to me. If you can't work that out for yourself I don't hold much hope of you solving this crime.42
I suppose it does. So what?41
It's some thread. You're not very good at this whole investigation thing are you?14
Apparently you aren't as stupid as you look.14
I overheard someone mention there are pirates and thieves here, be careful!3
I can't believe we've finally arrived, I can't wait to explore!3
So much to see, I don't know where to start!2
A whole new continent to explore... what a time to be alive!1
Are you the tour guide?1