Greetings friend. I am a manufacturer of leather.982
I see you have brought me some hides. Would you like me to tan them for you?651
I see you have brought me a hide. Would you like me to tan it for you?62
I make leather from animal hides. Bring me some cowhides and one gold coin per hide, and I'll tan them into soft leather for you.16
Er... Thanks, but no thanks!14
Normal leather may be quite weak, but it's very cheap - I make it from cowhides for only 1 gp per hide - and it's so easy to craft that anyone can work with it.8
Alternatively you could try hard leather. It's not so easy to craft, but I only charge 3 gp per cowhide to prepare it, and it makes much sturdier armour.8
I can also tan snake hides and dragonhides, suitable for crafting into the highest quality armour for rangers.7
Er... I have no use for that, I make the stuff!7
Very well, madam, as you wish.5
I wouldn't mind him setting up shop, but he's brought others in.1
Two of them came here and said they were going to put me out of business if I didn't listen to them!1
Hah, as if they think they could threaten me with a hammer and a pair of scissors.1
The other shopkeepers and I won't give in to their threats. Osman's also told us that he'll make sure we're protected.1
I'll keep tanning leather for people like you to make into clothes and armour.1
Very well, sir, as you wish.1