I'm an investigator. I'm watching the implings.706
My client has asked me to find out where certain missing items have been going.692
I'm not at liberty to discuss that. Investigator-client confidentiality don't you know.679
Yes! I have some spare equipment for you.642
Ah, good day, it's you again. What can I do for you?500
Indeed you may. In fact I encourage it. You will, however, require some equipment.499
If you are ready to start hunting implings, then enter the main part of the maze.496
There you go. You have everything you need now.474
Just push through the wheat that surrounds the centre of the maze and get catching!459
Firstly you will need a butterfly net in which to catch them and at least one special impling jar to store an impling.443
Also, beware. Those imps walking around the maze do not like the fact that their kindred spirits are being captured and will attempt to steal any full jars you have on you, setting the implings free.415
Once you have caught one, you may break the jar open and obtain the object the impling is carrying. Alternatively, you may exchange certain combinations of jars with me. I will return the jars to my clients. In414
You will also require some experience as a Hunter since these creatures are elusive. The more immature implings require less experience, but some of the rarer implings are extraordinarily hard to find and catch.413
exchange I will be able to provide you with some equipment that may help you hunt butterflies more effectively.405
I have been given permission by my clients to give three pieces of equipment to able hunters.214
Firstly, I have some imp deterrent. If you bring me three baby implings, two young implings and one gourmet impling already jarred, I will give you a vial. Imps don't like the smell, so they will be less likely to180
Ah, I notice you don't own an impling collector's scroll.168
Secondly, I have magical butterfly nets. If you bring me three gourmet implings, two earth implings and one essence impling I will give you a new net. It will help you catch both implings and butterflies.164
a limited number of charges) without having to carry a pack full of them.158
steal jarred implings from you.154
You cannot use an ordinary butterfly jar as a container as the implings will escape from them with ease. However, I have done some investigation and have come up with a solution - if a butterfly jar is coated153
I have tried a few experiments with the help of a friend back home, and it turns out that a combination of anchovy oil and flowers - marigolds, rosemary or nasturtiums - will work.153
I'd grind up some cooked anchovies and pass them through a sieve.153
Well, I believe there is a chemist in Rimmington that has a small still that you could use.153
Well I may be able to let you have a few - if it means you will start hunting these implings - although I do not have an infinite supply.153
Lastly, I have magical jar generators. If you bring me three essence implings, two eclectic implings and one nature impling I will give you a jar generator. This object will create either butterfly or impling jars (up to151
Have you indeed? Well, that may well be true, though bear in mind that implings are quite small so they are unlikely to be lugging a sizeable shield around with them. However, since it seems that dragon items are135
with a thin layer of a substance noxious to them they become incapable of escape.132
I should warn you, though, if the impling is strong enough to collect dragon equipment, then you will have to be very skilled at hunting implings in order to catch them.131
very desirable to humans then it certainly is possible that the most expert implings may try to obtain such equipment.118
You'd better clear some space in your inventory for a butterfly net and 7 jars and a collector's scroll, then.111
I have already given you some equipment.98
Imps and implings appear to be related, and the imps here are quite protective of their smaller relations. If you allow them to get too close then they will attempt to steal jarred implings from your pack, if you have them.42
That's a very interesting question. My best guess is that they are relatives to imps, which is why there are imps here as well.38
Possibly. Either way, it seems that they almost exclusively collect things that people want, except their younglings who I infer haven't learnt the best things to collect yet.38
That is my observation. Yes.37
I have some impling deterrent which I may trade if you prove that you can catch implings well.36
The fairies call it Puro-Puro. It seems to be the home plane of the implings.36
The same way you did, I suspect. Through a portal in a wheat field. I followed one back.36
That's why I'm the investigator and you're the adventurer.36
It is my observation that they collect things that other creatures want, rather than they want them themselves. It seems to provide them with sustenance.32
Implings do appear to like collecting objects and, as my clients have noted, have no concept of ownership. However, I do not sense any malicious intent.31
They will then set them free, dropping your jar on the floor. So, if you're quick, you may be able to catch it again.30
I don't think these creatures have a name for it. As you can see there isn't a lot else here other than wheat.26
You don't have space to carry the scroll. Come back when you do.5