Hello dearie! What can old Elsie do for you?88
I'm knitting a new stole for Father Lawrence downstairs. He could do with something to keep his neck warm, standing in that draughty old church all day.41
Maybe I could tell you a story if you'd fetch me a nice cup of tea.41
Well, dearie, I'm probably not the best person to ask about money, but I think the best thing would be for you to get a good trade. If you've got a trade you can earn your way, that's what my old father told me,39
Saradomin rest his soul. I hear people try to get rich by fighting in the Wilderness north of here or the Duel Arena in the south, but that's no way for honest folks to earn a living! So get yourself a good trade, and keep39
working at it. There's always folks wanting to buy ore and food around here.36
evil temple in the south of the city, the evil one. The next day, there was quite a hubbub. The guards told us that someone had painted 'Saradomin pwns' on the wall of the Zamorakian temple!13
A young man came here looking for stories about Dissy - of course, that's not his proper name, but his friends called him Dissy - and I told him that one. He said Dissy had become a really famous man and there was13
Ooh - that looks like a lovely cup of tea, dearie. Is it for me?12
Ahh, there's nothing like a nice cuppa tea. I know what, I'll tell you a story to thank you for the lovely tea...12
But young Dissy - that was the young man's nickname - he was a wild young thing. One night he gathered some lads together, and after the evening prayer- meeting they all put on masks and sneaked down to the12
Now, we'd always been taught to keep well away from that dreadful place, but it really did us all good to see someone wasn't afraid of the scum who live at that end of town. Old Father Packett was furious, but Dissy just12
laughed it off.12
Dissy left town after that, saying he wanted to see the world. It was such a shame, he had the most handsome shoulders...12
A long time ago, when I was a little girl, there was a handsome young man living in Varrock. I saw him here in the church quite often. Everyone said he was going to become a priest, and we girls were so sad about that.11
going to be a book about him. Well, that's all good, but I do wish Dissy had just come back to Varrock. I did miss him so much... well, until I met my Freddie and we got married, but that's another story.11
No thanks, dearie, I don't want that just now.2