Have you got the linen I asked for?1,050
Good day to you. I won't say you're welcome into my workplace, because you're not. However, I must apologise if I was outrightly hostile towards you earlier.967
I'll admit that I shed no tears when he passed away. He was a rather cruel and hard leader.950
Yes, because of the quarantine I cannot leave Sophanem. You seem to have been left unaffected by it so perhaps the guards will let you out of the city.946
Good, that's what I like to hear. Now, to carry out the ceremony, I need three things.943
Have you got the sap I asked for?943
Well, the salt should be easy enough to get from the salt lake to the north.940
The sap you should be able to get easily enough from any coniferous tree.940
Evergreen, cone shaped, you know the ones I'm talking about.939
Well, you'll probably need something to cut the tree's bark and something else to collect the sap in.939
I have no idea.938
Have you got the salt I asked for?938
That's everything I need to get the ceremony underway. I'll send word to the high priest to get things started.931
Never-the-less, I'll let the high priest know that everything's sorted from this side.930
Well, there's no point in complaining about him. I want rid of his cursed plague as soon as possible and, according to the high priest, the best way to do that is to carry out the final ceremony.677
I need some linen to wrap the corpse up with. That should be easily obtained from a cloth salesman here in the town.670
I also need some salt and some sap. I need the salt to preserve the body and the sap for sealing the bandages.665
Sorry, adventurer, I have nothing to trade with you.443
Well, can you get on with it?142
Well, you've collected all the things that I need, so when's this plague going to end?71
Clear off, you evil body snatcher. You won't get any of my wares.24
Hello. ~The embalmer replies warily.11
Well, you can take your curiosity elsewhere.11
What can I do for you?9
I'd nearly forgotten about those; running my spice stall has taken my mind off the plagues.2
Well, I'm trying to find a balm for our spots.2
I got some cream from a merchant in Al Kharid that was meant to help but all it seems to do is repel insects.2
That's him. How do you know him?2
Anyway, I'm rambling. You're here to buy something, not to chat.2
Well, I suppose that's only to be expected. The old high priest was a vindictive sort. He could hold a grudge forever.1
He might just make this city of the dead a dead city if he does carry on for much longer.1