Heya! What can I get you?5,786
Well, we've got Asgarnian Ale, Wizard's Mind Bomb and Dwarven Stout, all for only 3 coins.4,380
Heehee, this'll be fun!644
Mmmmm... the secret is in the gold. Drop a gold coin into asgarnian ale and you'll get this weird golden ale that the dwarves seem to love, I think they're genetically attracted to gold.605
Erm... they like it?581
Well I know for sure that they enjoy my special recipe.578
And lose money? I think not!578
You'll be after our Hand of Death cocktail, then. Lots of expensive parts to the cocktail, though, so it will cost you 70 coins.521
You sure you haven't got anymore?490
Hand it over then and I'll tell you the secret.489
Oh it's you again. Forgotten the secret already?84
I said 3 coins! You haven't got 3 coins!33
Sorry, no deal, that wouldn't even cover my expenses.30
What...what am I saying? I just gave you the secret!30
There you go.22
We'll buy it for a couple of coins if you're interested.17
You're a good person... for you, 150 and you have a deal.13
Ooh, we'll buy those off you if you're interested. 2 coins per glass.10
Sorry, you don't seem to have room to hold it.5
No thanks, I don't need that.2
You should get to the party room right now! There's a big drop in progress!1