I'll be waiting for you in the north, Akthanakos.999
Heh heh heh...998
I wish I'd never supported him.997
Of course.997
After so many years, why didn't you just give up?995
Now my lord will punish you for destroying his weapon.995
Ah ha ha ha ha!990
But it's still a nice temple, isn't it?989
I would never desert my lord!989
No! What have you done?989
Ha ha ha. You believed me, didn't you?988
You will never have this temple - it belongs to my lord!984
No, no! Curse it, that doesn't work!933
Surely this would make a good weapon...929
At last, it's complete. A temple fit for my lord.771
Don't interrupt me, human! I have to concentrate.8
I'm keeping a weapon under control. If my attention wavers...8
...then it tries to escape me. I must keep it safe for my lord Zamorak.6