Hello, thanks for rescuing me. Is there anything I can do for you?253
To be honest, I tried to set up a Tannery on the surface but business was poor, there aren't a lot of dragons in Kourend.97
Anyway, I figured if I was closer to the source of the hides then I might get more business. So I'll try setting up shop down here for a while.93
I even heard a rumour that people have learned to tan hides with magic. It's always the same! Magic users stealing jobs from honest tradesman!93
I travelled down here with my friend Olbertus in search for treasure. When we didn't find anything except this strange structure, he decided to prise off a coin from the stone relief in the other room. Before I knew it, the84
That's good news at least.83
I tried calling out to Olbertus but he must not have heard me. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't shown up and saved me.79
entrance had closed and I was stuck down here.74
I am quite the proficient tanner, for helping me escape I will offer to tan hides for you. However, they'll be at a slightly higher cost for the convenience of being closer to the source.72