Please enter the answer to the question.3,381
I have a question for you.3,306
Hi, can I help?2,313
There was only one guard on last night. Harold. He's a nice lad, if a little dim.1,033
Harold is staying at the Toad and Chicken.1,033
Hmm. Harold has got in trouble a few times over his drinking and gambling. Perhaps he'd open up after a drink?1,032
No, sorry. I wouldn't want to go north-east from here, it's very rocky and barren.128
No, try again.61
Yes, if you buy Harold a beer he might talk to you. I also know he has a weakness for gambling. Hope that helps!44
Anything else I can help you with?35
Welcome to Burthorpe Castle! Home to his Royal Highness the Prince of Burthorpe, Heir to the Throne of Asgarnia!14
Yes actually I do, we need another servant.13
Yes, it's the... er... Empty the Cesspit Quest!13
Harold is staying at the local inn, the Toad and Chicken.12
We do not disclose his majesty's business.10