Good... We've been expecting you. King Lathas sent word of your coming.1,186
You should speak with Lord Iorwerth. He will help you track down that brigand Tyras. You'll find his camp in the north west of the forest.1,184
Ha! Looks like you were too slow my friend.1,161
Or what? Will you murder me in cold blood like you did with King Tyras?1,160
You can lie to yourself all you want, I know what you are. You enjoy killing, just like I do.1,159
Oh I'm going to enjoy this...1,157
You! I knew you were trouble! Well don't worry, Lord Iorwerth will learn of your betrayal!1,148
The guard has finally returned. Seems it took him so long because he had ten times more cut than we needed.1,133
Well I have plenty now.1,133
That's right. One of our dig teams has gone missing while searching for the temple. I need you to find out what happened to them.1,131
You say that now but the beasts in the mines are deadly, you'll have to be very careful in there.1,131
Good, you will need this.1,131
You're back already? How is the epidemic going?1,113
Subtle as a brick... Yes that, how is it going?1,111
Good luck in there.1,106
Have you finished with those sheep yet?1,090
Yes I think you have. I guess you want to know what we're doing in the mines?1,087
A long time ago, Seren herself ordered the construction of a great temple deep beneath the earth. This temple guards a great power, one that is key to our plans.1,085
This is good news, give it a few days and the slave pens will be full again.1,082
It shouldn't be long now. We have started to see signs that we are near.1,082
Now be on your way, I have other things to attend to.1,082
What was that?1,082
Hmm, fair enough.1,081
You seem resourceful so I'm sure you will come up with something. I would help you but I am not a biologist.1,034
Someone trustworthy I hope?1,030
Very well. Perform this task and then return to me.1,029
It is good to see your enthusiasm. I was going to get one of the others to do this job, but as you are here...1,015
We have never tried this before, but some joker put something in our food not too long ago that gave us all symptoms akin to those of a plague.1,014
Don't forget the part where you use the poison to contaminate the food supply. Two of the three supply points should be enough.1,013
Did they not tell you? Hmm... I'd better fill you in.1,012
I'm afraid that information is classified until you prove your commitment to the Death Guard.1,007
Now, to keep our presence in the city secret, Lord Iorwerth arranged an alliance with King Lathas, the ruler in the east.1,006
Well we have had a few near misses. Recently we had some girl from East Ardougne poking around asking too many questions, so we locked her up while we decided what to do with her.999
Well you don't think they end up those ridiculous colours naturally do you?998
Not quite, for starters the sheep need to be dyed red, yellow, green and blue. But most important is that you are not seen doing this by anyone.996
Sure. We have a gnome inventor here too. Sadly, he is not being very helpful about fixing it, but you can talk to him if you like. Here is the key, he is in the next room. And here's the device as well.994
We have a gnomic device that fires fat dye parcels that rupture on impact.993
Ah... I take it you are one of the new recruits?987
I'm Essyllt and I'm in charge here. Now come on, let us have a look at your paper work.986
Any news yet on our missing dig team?948
This seems to be all in order. Welcome to the Death Guard. Now, for your first assignment...943
This is not good news. Did you find anything else down there?911
The satisfaction when I finally put an end to that fool Ysgawyn, it was beautiful. It was even better than when I dealt with that stupid lover of his.890
I must ask you to return to the search. Do let me know if you see anything elven-made down there as well. Any clues to the location of the temple will be very helpful.889
But if that wasn't enough, now I get to be the one to finally put an end to you and your pathetic girlfriend!886
Good, keep at it.881
We believe the temple lies beneath this city. That is why we are here.813
Anyway, now that you know about the temple, I have a new task for you to perform, deep within the mines.790
As you may know, part of what we do here is keep the people believing in the plague...780
Unfortunately, progress has been slower than we'd have liked. The slaves accidently mined into some old caverns infested with beasts. They have caused us significant issues.769
Alas, one of the guards has taken the key to the mines to be copied. Report in regularly and I will see that you get a copy as soon as he gets back.763
We can then have the 'infected' citizens removed and sent into the mines.760
It has been quite a while since anyone got ill from the plague, so I would like you to see to it that people do!748
Well as you undoubtedly know, we were sent here by Lord Iorwerth to secure the city. The reason for this is so that we can access the caves below...743
Anyway, the plague serves two purposes. First, it allows us to move around the city in secret thanks to our mourner disguises.731
Have a new one then, if you lose it help yourself to one from my desk.727
Apparently the fool thinks we will help him dispose of the Knights of Camelot once our work here is done. I expect he'll be disappointed.723
Annoyingly, she managed to escape with the help of some adventurer. Lucky for us, they were so stupid that we managed to use the adventurer to deal with King Tyras. It all worked out quite well in the end.722
Anyway, shame of it is that we have yet to find a way to stop the dye from washing out. So we need someone, that someone being you, to go and re-dye them.721
Unfortunately, we have run out of the parcels and the device is broken.711
If you can find out what it was that we were poisoned with, you could reproduce the effects. If done right the poison should not be fatal and could help restock our dwindling supply of cheap labour.708
Things like that is why we must ensure the people keep believing in the plague though. One of the things we do to keep up the lie is to fool old Farmer Brumty into believing his sheep are infected.707
Also you will need to re-dye them the colours they already are or the farmer may notice the change.705
Second, it means we can abduct citizens to mine the caves below with ease. We just pretend they've fallen victim to the plague.699
The old halfwit thinks just because his sheep are an abnormal colour, that they are all ill with plague. It's amazing what a bit of dye can do.694
Distribution should be easy enough. Because of the city walls no one can grow their own food. Instead, all the food here comes from one of our three supply points.687
We should have killed them both when we had the chance.555
This is a bad idea.523
Let me deal with them, my lord. They've caused us enough trouble.462
Hmm, as you wish.443
Are you sure about this?414
Try freeing up some space in your inventory, then we can talk about keys.194
No, the guard is being a bit slow, but we should have it soon.169
Welcome to the Death Guard. Now, for your first assignment...78
GET OUT! Return to Prifddinas in shame!42
Keep at it. That gnome next door might be of some help.40
If the Death Guard see fit to re-issue you with a letter of recommendation, then maybe we will find a use for you.36
Keep at it. Try to get that gnome next door to spill his secrets.26
Free up some inventory space and get another one from my desk.24
We need you to make it seem like people are ill with the plague. It will help keep the lie alive and also give us an excuse to abduct some more slaves for the mines.22
Find out what it was that we were recently poisoned with and create a poison that reproduces the effects. Use this poison to contaminate two of the three food supply points in the city.14
Get away from my desk!8
What are you doing here human?6
Get away from that chest.5
Good work in the epidemic, give it a few days and the slave pens will be full again.5
Good work, just one more to go then.2
Well it is lucky we have a whole stack of broken devices, there must be some flaw in the design, they always break in the same way. If you ever need another there is a chest full of them over there.1
I keep copies of the key on my desk so I can replace that.1
Well it is lucky we have a whole stack of broken ones, there must be some flaw in the design, they always break in the same way. If you ever need another there is a chest full of them over there.1