Are you here to fight the cold?168
Great! Ask me anything you like about the Bruma Tree, I'm an expert.52
You'd best talk to Ignisia, she's in charge around here.45
The Bruma tree is what keeps the Wintertodt weak, the prison was built here by Dinh because of its usefulness against the Wintertodt. Some legends say that Xeric is the cause for the doors weakening, or maybe he made22
It's a known fact that he was interested in the Bruma Tree, for what purpose... there are only rumours.22
the Wintertodt stronger?21
Regardless, the Bruma tree definitely contains powerful magic, I've been studying the sap for years and it has truly astounding properties.19
There's not many fires that burn green now, are there?19
Me? I'm a member of the Woodcutting guild, more of a researcher though... I'm currently tasked with growing a new Bruma tree.16
Poorly. I believe the Bruma tree can only be grown in a freezing cold climate.16
It's just an idea really, for all I know, it could be magic way beyond me, beyond even the Pyromancers.16
Some would say that ice preserves while fire destroys, but no amount of fire is destroying the Wintertodt, that's a cold that will freeze the air in your lungs.12
Even the heat generated from burning the Bruma roots only weakens it, and that doesn't last very long nowadays.11
What you see in that pit is not the Wintertodt at full strength, it never will be while the Bruma tree still burns and the Doors of Dinh remain closed.11