Oi, find yourself some other dragons - these are mine!446
What is it you want?285
There's a Slayer Master in my family, so I don't stop people doing their Slayer assignments, but otherwise these dragons are for me, not you.128
It's hot in here with all the dragonfire.111
I suppose that's okay since you've got a Slayer assignment. But when you've finished it, leave the rest for me!108
I've got wizard boots on, see? What more would I want?107
They're useful enough for what I'm doing. Anyway, moving on...102
Dragon-slaying, of course. Do I look like one of those serfs who wanders around scavenging scales off the floor? I'm just having a rest now, before I get back to the fight.83
My cousin Slieve built the access routes through this blue dragon lair. But she's only really interested in black dragons, not blue ones, so she said I could have this area for myself.73
Off you go.38
Don't even think about it - these dragons up here are for me!26