Hey, %USERNAME%, come with me if you like fishing! Or has this amulet of humanspeak broken again?4,528
Do you wanna meet my pet? His name's Pete. Or has this amulet of humanspeak broken again?4,512
Mmm, mmm... that's... mmm... delicious...2,695
Now, let me take... a little... catnap...2,230
On my island.1,861
I am your leader, you are but a slave!1,670
I will never let you go, %USERNAME%!633
What was this? That was absolutely disgusting!250
What, are you giving me cooked fish? What am I going to do with that? Uncook it first!236
Don't you know what kind of fish I like? Talk to my other servants for some advice.234
Mmm, mmm... that's delicious.197
Now get me another one, you no good human!189
You heard me! There's the cold fire, by the trees, now get uncooking!165
Talk to my other servants, and hurry it up!110
Because I say so! And because I can never have enough servants!104
Now catch me some fish, I'm hungry.94
Bob? I am Bob!73
Oh, you mean the Bob in your world? Nothing. I am an incarnation of Bob here on ScapeRune.70
Something like that... somewhere in ScapeRune there must be a human servant called %USERNAME%.69
But you work just as well for me! Now get to work, human! Fish for me!66
Sit down and I'll tell you. It's a question of servant shortage.58
You are a skilled worker. A human like you is worth a great deal as a slave.57
Now be reasonable little human. It's just a matter of time before you will do everything I ask you to. Play along and this can be a very nice place.56
Is it?54
Won't I?51
Let me assure you there's no way out.48
Just ask my servants!44
How is it possible that you're not meowing?34
Most humans do, that's why I'm wearing this amulet of Man speak... but I do try to train my staff in civilised speech.32
Ah, but I suppose things are slightly different in your world... what a dreadful place that must be.29
What's that? I don't know what kind of fish you eat in your world, but that smells absolutely vile!2
Go catch me some real fish!2